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Mierle Laderman Ukeles, Touch Sanitation Performance: Fresh Kills Landfill, 1977-1980. The artist sitting at a table with workers of New York City Department of Sanitation.
Carolee Schneemann, Interior Scroll, 1975. Photo: Anthony McCall. Gelatin silver prints. East Hampton, New York. Moderna Museet. Brooklyn M. Tate. Cornell. Reina Sofia. Artist.
Marina Abramović, Rhythm 0, 1974. Studio Morra, Naples. MG Ljubljana. Guggenheim. MoMA. Tate. Artist.
Installation view from Allan Kaprow, 18 Happenings in 6 Parts, Ruben Gallery, New York, 1959. Photo: Fred W. McDarrah.
Claes Oldenburg, Snapshot from the City, 1960. On photography with Patty Mucha (Pat Muschinski). Photo: Martha Holmes.
Chris Burden, Trans-fixed, 1974. Venice, California.

An outline of directions in performance with references to artists, works and writings, major venues, exhibitions and catalogues, recent events, and an associated bibliography including journals, historical studies and analyses of performance art, happening and body art, as well as thematic sections on documentation, reenactment and performance theory and studies.


This selection includes major performance, happening, body and action artists active in the 1960s and 1970s. See also Situationists, Viennese Actionists, Fluxus artists, and Moscow Conceptualists.

Artist's writings[edit]

See also publications of Gutai, Situationist International, Viennese Actionists and Fluxus. For publications by individual artists see bibliographies on their respective pages.

Dé-Coll/age 1, Jun 1962.
arTitudes international 3, Feb-Mar 1973.


  • Dé-Coll/age: Bulletin aktueller Ideen, 7 numbers, ed. Wolf Vostell, Frankfurt: Typos, 1962-69. [1] [2] [3] (German)
  • Happening News / Milkyways, 6 issues, eds. Hugo Heyrman, Panamarenko and Wout Vercammen, Antwerp, Sep 1965-Mar 1966. [4] [5] [6] [7] (English)
  • Interfunktionen, ed. Friedrich Heubach, Cologne, 1968-75. (German)
  • Avalanche, 13 numbers, eds. Liza Béar and Willoughby Sharp, New York, 1970-76. Attended to body and performance art, as well as other aspects of conceptual art. Primary source on European and US post-studio, post-minimalist art practices, including performance, process, land, and language art, among other forms of concept-based art. Contains articles, extensive interviews, documentation of works, and large b&w photographs. The journal also published monograph-length studies, such as those on Vito Acconci and Joseph Beuys. [8] (English)
  • arTitudes, ed. François Pluchart, 1971-77. Edited by a critic who commissioned theoretical articles and news on international performance and conceptual art, with special attention to performance art in France. ArTitudes (1971-72) published 8 issues, followed by ArTitudes International (1972-77) with 17 issues, which overlapped with info-arTitudes (1975-77), with 20 issues. [9] (French)
  • Avalanche Newspaper, 1974-78. Appeared in newspaper format simultaneously with the Avalanche journal, covering similar content. (English)
  • Vision, 5 issues, ed. Tom Marioni, 1975-81. Focused on "idea art": California (September 1975) included performance and conceptual artists in the state; Eastern Europe (January 1976) introduced body and idea art from the region; New York City (November 1976) attended to happenings, Fluxus, and body art; and Word of Mouth (1980) offered a boxed set of three LP recordings of twelve artists’ talks, while Artists' Photographs (1981) presented boxed loose-leaf photographs by 76 artists from 16 countries. (English)


  • 24 Stunden, Itzehoe-Voßkate: Hansen & Hansen, 1965. Catalogue of a 24-hour happening in which many early practitioners of happenings and Fluxus participated, including Joseph Beuys, Bazon Brock, Charlotte Moorman, Nam June Paik, Eckart Rahn, Tomas Schmit, and Wolf Vostell. (German)
Assemblages, Environments and Happenings, ed. Kaprow, 1966, PDF.
Performance by Artists, eds. Bronson & Gale, 1979, Log, PDF.
The Art of Performance: A Critical Anthology, eds. Battcock & Nickas, 1984, PDF; 2010, PDF.
Out from Under: Texts by Women Performance Artists, ed. Champagne, 1990, Log, PDF.
Radical Street Performance: An International Anthology, ed. Cohen-Cruz, 1998, Log, PDF.


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  • Happenings: An Illustrated Anthology, ed. & intro. Michael Kirby, New York: E.P. Dutton, 1965, 287 pp. Analyzes happenings as a new form of theater comparable to collage and "compartmented" theater. Composed of statements, scripts, and illustrations of happenings by Allan Kaprow, Red Grooms, Robert Whitman, Jim Dine, and Claes Oldenburg. (English)
  • Assemblages, Environments and Happenings, ed. Allan Kaprow, New York: H.N. Abrams, 1966, 341 pp. Survey of the evolution of happenings as partially rooted in assemblage and environments, with attention to the happenings of Wolf Vostell (Germany), Jean-Jacques Lebel (France), the Gutai (Japan), Kudo (Japan), Oldenburg (United States), a.o. [10] (English)
  • Aktual Schmuck, Czechoslovakia, ed. Milan Knížák, Cullompton, UK: Beau Geste, 1974. Assembled by Knížák, who was the principal theorist and leader of the Aktual group, and the publication by Beau Geste Press a much admired alternative press includes texts, photos, drawings, and ideas related to Aktual art actions, happenings, rituals, and ceremonies; profusely illustrated. (English)
  • Performance by Artists, eds. A.A. Bronson and Peggy Gale, Toronto: Art Metropole, 1979, 318 pp. Begins with a section of texts by artists not often cited in anthologies, such as Chalemange Palestine, Clive Robertson, Tom Sherman, Ben d’Armagnac, and Ulricke Rosenbach, among others. "Commentaries" follow written by artists and art historians, including Bruce Barber’s pivotal essay "Indexing: Conditionalism and Its Heretical Equivalents" on how the term "performance art" came to dominate a once open and variable nomenclature defining a broad field of live art activities. Extensive bibliography. (English),(French)
  • Collective Consciousness: Art Performances in the Seventies, ed. Jean Dupuy, New York: Performing Arts Journal Publications, 1980, 245 pp. With introductory conversations between Dupuy, John Howell, Peter Frank, and Paul Miller, and an essay by Tim Maul, the anthology contains documents and statements by performance artists who performed at Dupuy’s loft space at 405 East 13th Street in New York, as well as actions that he documented in other spaces in the city. Vintage photographs of performances artists, both famous and obscure. [11] (English)
  • Scenarios: Scripts to Perform, ed. Richard Kostelanetz, Brooklyn, NY: Assembling Press, 1980. This veritable treasure trove of difficult to find, primary texts provides readers immediate access to the musical and conceptual scores, poetry, plays, commentaries, drawings, and performance practices driving experimental art of the period. (English)
  • Performance Anthology: Source Book for a Decade of California Performance Art, eds. Carl E. Loeffler and Darlene Tong, San Francisco: Contemporary Arts Press, 1980, xii+500 pp; 2nd ed., upd., as Performance Anthology: Source Book of California Performance Art, San Francisco: Last Gasp, 1989. The second edition begins with introductory statements by Loeffler, Tom Marioni, and Allan Kaprow, followed by Tong’s literature review and her valuable annotated chronology (beginning in 1970) of performance art in California realized by US and international artists. Also contains essays by Loeffler, Linda Frye Burnham, Judith Barry, and Moira Roth. Many b&w photographs. (English)
  • The Art of Performance: A Critical Anthology, eds. Gregory Battcock and Robert Nickas, New York: E.P. Dutton, 1984; repr., ed. Lucia della Paolera, New York: UbuWeb, 2010. In three sections—"Historical Introduction," "Theory and Criticism," and "The Artists"—the volume contains essays by scholars, critics, curators, and art historians, including Peter Gorsen's "The Return of Existentialism in Performance Art," Françoise Pluchart's "Risk as the Practice of Thought," and David Shapiro's "Poetry and Action: Performance in a Dark Time," as well as interviews with artists Terry Fox, Chris Burden, and Laurie Anderson, and writings by Vito Acconci and Les Levine. (English)
  • Out from Under: Texts by Women Performance Artists, ed. & intro. Lenora Champagne, New York: Theatre Communications Group, 1990, xiv+185 pp. Anthology of writings exploring sex, race, religion, and autobiography, and containing texts by performance artists Holly Hughes, Laurie Anderson, Karen Finley, Laurie Carlos, Robbie McCauley, and Jessica Hagedorn, Rachel Rosenthal, Beatrice Roth, Leeny Sack, Lenora Champagne and Fiona Templeton. (English)
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  • Radical Street Performance: An International Anthology, ed. Jan Cohen-Cruz, London and New York: Routledge, 1998. Anthology on invisible theater, demonstrations and rallies, direct action, puppetry, parades and pageants, performance art, guerrilla theater, and circuses, with contributors from Eugenio Barba, Augusto Boal, Yolanda Broyles-González, Dwight Conquergood, Abbie Hoffman, Baz Kershaw, Adrian Piper, Nellie Richard, Richard Schechner, Diana Taylor, Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o, and David Welch. (English)
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  • in Inverted Utopias: Avant-Garde Art in Latin America, eds. Mari Carmen Ramirez and Héctor Olea, Yale University Press, 2004. Assembly of primary documents on and writings by Latin American artists and critics. (English)
  • in Contemporary Chinese Art: Primary Documents, eds. Wu Hung and Peggy Wang, New York: Museum of Modern Art, 2010. Primary documents and review of Chinese avant-garde art from 1976 until 2006. (English)
Re/Search 13: "Angry Women", 1991, PDF.
Performance Artists Talking in the Eighties, ed. Montano, 2000, Log, PDF.


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    • Ikareru onnatachi, 2 vols., trans. Michio Ochi, Tokyo, 1995 & 1997, 325 pp & 303 pp. (Japanese)
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  • Dominic Johnson, Art of Living: An Oral History of Performance Art, London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015, xiv+303 pp. (English)


Major venues for experimental art, emphasizing live and performance art.


  • Martin Duberman, Black Mountain College: An Exploration in Community, New York: Dutton, 1972, 527 pp; repr., WW Norton, 1993, 578 pp; repr., Northwestern University Press, 2009, xxiii+578 pp. History of the radical experimental art school, the volume includes a series of interviews with many who were present at John Cage’s Theater Piece #1 (1952), which included participation by Charles Olson, Merce Cunningham, Robert Rauschenberg, a.o. These personal accounts triangulate and provide unique insight into the historic event.
  • ABC No Rio Dinero: The Story of a Lower East Side Art Gallery, eds. Alan Moore and Marc Miller, New York: ABC No Rio with Collaborative Projects, 1985, 216 pp. Excerpts. [17] [18] [19] (English)
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  • Critical Mass: Happenings, Fluxus, Performance, Intermedia, and Rutgers University, 1957-1972, ed. Geoffrey Hendricks, New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 2003. Contains original texts and scores by Allan Kaprow, Geoffrey Hendricks, Larry Miller and Sara Seagull, Al Hansen, Carolee Schneemann, Milan Knížák, Philip Corner, Dick Higgins, Letty Lou Eisenhauer, Yoshi Wada, a.o.; and documentation of Hermann Nitsch’s first performance in the United States of his Orgies-Mysteries Theater in 1970. Scholarly essays by Hannah Higgins, Jill Johnston, Barbara Moore, Michael Aaron Rockland, Susan Ryan, and Kristine Stiles. Timeline, many illustrations, and bibliography. [20] [21] [22] (English)
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  • Eleanor Roberts, Third Area: A Feminist Reading of Performance at London’s ICA in the 1970s, London: Queen Mary University, 2016. PhD dissertation.

See also other publications on Black Mountain College.

Reception, art historical studies[edit]

the West[edit]

See also literature on Gutai, Situationist International, Viennese Actionism, and Fluxus.


Jean-Jacques Lebel, Le happening, 1966.
  • Jean-Jacques Lebel, Le happening, Paris: Denoël, 1966, 89 pp. The first practitioner of happenings in France, Lebel (an artist, poet, and activist) identified Dada as the antecedent for happenings, and launched the Festivals of Free Expression in 1964, multimedia events notorious for vivid representations of sexual liberation. (French)
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  • Frank Popper, Art, Action and Participation, New York: New York University Press, 1975. Popper's text anticipated the increasing significance of science and technology in art actions, and how they, in turn, encouraged audience participation, the virtualization of the object, and the emphasis on mixed, multi-sensorial, spatial, and temporal art. (English)
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Journals, magazines, periodicals[edit]

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Journal issues[edit]
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Selected essays, dissertations[edit]

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Encyclopedic entries[edit]

Film documentaries[edit]

  • 72-82, dir. William Raban, 2015, 63 min. A history of art and performance at Acme Gallery, London. [106]

Bibliography, chronology[edit]

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Soviet Union, Russia[edit]

See also literature on Moscow Conceptualists.

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East Germany[edit]

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Performance documentation[edit]

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Exhibitions without catalogue
Journal issues
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Book chapters, essays, theses


Performance reenactment[edit]

  • Anke Bangma, Steve Rushton, Florian Wüst (eds.), Experience, Memory, Re-enactment, Rotterdam: Piet Zwart Institute, 2005. Essays that take performative reenactments as the platform for investigating and theorizing the psychological conditions of memory, the verity and distortions that occur in remembering and reproducing past experience, and how inherited cultural conventions are changed through their reproduction. Essays by the editors and Clarissa Baldwin, Matthew Buckingham, Rod Dickinson, Omer Fast, Mathilde ter Heijne, Janneke Lam, Deimantas Narkevicius, Paul Nulty, Igor Sevcuk, Mildred Valkonet, Jan Verwoert, Krzysztof Wegiel, and Efrat Zehavi. (English)
  • Amelia Jones, Adrian Heathfield (eds.), Perform, Repeat, Record: Live Art in History, Bristol and Chicago: Intellect, 2012, 652 pp. Contains essays by the editors and scholars on the historical antecedents and archive of performance art, and theories of authenticity in conflict with or supportive of reprised performances. Volume presents a section of documents containing artists original writings; Jones’s "Timeline of Ideas," on the global discourse on performance art from the 1950s to 2012; and discussions with artists conducted by the editors a.o.; good illustrations. Review: Camp (TDR). (English)
  • Rebecca Schneider, Performing Remains: Art and War in Times of Theatrical Reenactment, Routledge, 2011, 272 pp. With chapters on reenactment of pain, the "faux fathers," the continuity of performance art, and consideration of the work of Elizabeth LeCompte (of the Woster Group) and Jerzy Grotowski's "Poor Theater," Schneider describes the development of a "poor poor theater." Extensive bibliography. Review: Nielsen (emisférica). (English)
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Journal issues
Book chapters, essays, interviews
  • Jörg Heiserr, "Do It Again: In Conversation with Marina Abramović", Frieze 94, Oct 2005, pp 176-183. Discussion with Abramović about her intent to preserve performances that had influenced her, and the many details she attended to in obtaining permission and studying the five body actions of the other artists that she reprised in 7 Easy Pieces (9–15 November 2005), including those of Vito Acconci, Joseph Beuys, Valie Export, Bruce Nauman, Gina Pane (as well as one of her own earlier works). Comments in the conversation by the artist Monica Bonvicini draws the interview into other contexts including theater, installation, and Bonvicini’s own art work. (English)
  • Robert Blackstone, "Once More with Feeling: Reenactment in Contemporary Art and Culture", Art Journal 66:1, Spring 2007, pp 28-40. Blackstone explores the politics of the "heritage industry" and the reconstruction of memory in the performative representation of historical events like Jeremy Deller’s The Battle of Orgreave (2001), the reenactment of the British miners’ violent strike of 1984–1985; Rod Dickinson’s redux of events in United States history; and Marina Abramović's 7 Easy Pieces (2005). (English)
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  • Helen Barrett, "Reinterpreting Re-performance", RELAY Zine, 21 May 2011. A meditation on the origins of the taboo of reenactment by Allan Kaprow in his theories of the happening, Barrett argues that these ideas were already overturned in Fluxus performances, which were intentionally often repeated, albeit by different artists or the same artist in different configurations, contexts, and locales. The essay then turns to contemporary examples of re-performance. (English)
  • Branislav Jakovijević (ed.), "On Performing Forensics: The Political Economy of Renactments", Art Journal 70:3, Fall 2011, pp 50-54. The artists of Grupa Spomenik—Damir Arsenijevic, Svebor Midzic, Darinka Pop-Mitic, Branimir Stojanovic, and Milica Tomic—consider their work to function as a public monument to the 1990s Yugoslavian wars. Jakovijević focuses on the group’s artwork Mathemes of Re-association (2008–present), which restages aspects of the Srebrenican massacre of more than eight thousand Bosnian Muslims. Jakovijević’s essay appears in the special issue of the Art Journal on performative reenactments with contributions by Ron Athey, Amelia Jones, Sophia Yadong Hao, William Pope.L, a.o. (English)
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Performance theory, Performance studies[edit]

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Works in museum collections.

Artist Born Title Year Coll. Acq. Coll. no. Coll. URL Medium Dept / Type / Tags Image
Roman Ondák SK Good Feelings in Good Times 2003 Tate 2005 T11940 [204] [205] Performance, people Time-based media [206]
Tino Sehgal UK This is Propaganda 2002 Tate 2005 T12057 [207] Performance, 1 person Time-based media
David Lamelas AR Time 1970 Tate 2006 T12208 [208] [209] Performance, people and photograph Time-based media
Pawel Althamer PL Film 2000 Tate 2007 T12404 [210] Performance, film, drawings, storyboards and photographs Time-based media
Jennifer Allora, Guillermo Calzadilla US, CU Balance of Power 2007 Tate 2009 T12962 [211] Performance, 3 people Time-based media [212]
Tania Bruguera CU Tatlin's Whisper #5 2008 Tate 2009 T12989 [213] [214] Performance, 2 people and 2 horses Time-based media [215]
Amalia Pica AR Strangers 2008 Tate 2014 [216] Time-based media [217]
Erwin Wurm AT Organisation of Love 1997-2005 Tate 2017 T15257 [218] Performance, 2 people, plastic bottles, sand, broom head and plinth with diagram instructions Time-based media
Erwin Wurm AT Double Bucket 1997-2005 Tate 2017 T15258 [219] Performance, person, plastic buckets and plinth with diagram instructions Time-based media
Roger Hiorns UK Untitled 2005-2010 Tate 2018 T15108 [220] Performance, person, bench and fire Time-based media
Tony Conrad US Ten Years Alive on the Infinite Plain 1972 Tate 2019 L04307 [221] [222] Performance, musical instruments and film, 16mm, 4 projections, black and white, and sound (stereo) Time-based media
Tino Sehgal UK Instead of allowing some thing to rise up to your face dancing bruce and dan and other things 2000 Stedelijk 2005
Tino Sehgal UK This Variation 2012 Stedelijk 2017
Tino Sehgal UK This is Exchange 2002 Van Abbe 2006 2853 [223] Performance
Tino Sehgal UK Kiss 2003 MoMA 2008 592.2008 [224] Constructed situation Media and Performance
Jennifer Allora, Guillermo Calzadilla US, CU Stop, Repair, Prepare: Variations on Ode to Joy for a Prepared Piano, No.1 2008 MoMA 2009 369.2009 [225] Performance, prepared Bechstein Piano Media and Performance [226]
Roman Ondák SK Measuring the Universe 2007 MoMA 2009 375.2009 [227] Performance Media and Performance [228]
Michelangelo Pistoletto IT Seventeen Less One 2008 MoMA 2009 1668.2009 [229] Performance with seventeen mirrors in gilded frames Media and Performance [230]
Andrés Jaque ES Ikea Disobedients 2011 MoMA 2012 156.2012 [231] Performance with Ikea objects Architecture and Design [232]
Guy de Cointet FR GSBHNFOUT 1971 MoMA 2012 611.2012 [233] Performance, artist book Media and Performance
Guy de Cointet FR The brilliant artist Huzo Lumnst presents her new work: CIZEGOH TUR ND JMB [aka Huzo Lumnst] 1973 MoMA 2012 612.2012 [234] Performance, twelve silkscreen prints on paper Media and Performance
Guy de Cointet FR At Sunrise a Cry Was Hear...or The Halved Painting 1974 MoMA 2012 613.2012 [235] Performance, acrylic on Masonite Media and Performance
Guy de Cointet FR Sophie Rummel 1974-75 MoMA 2012 615.2012 [236] Performance, artist notebook with 127 sheets Media and Performance
Guy de Cointet FR Two Drawings 1977 MoMA 2012 617.2012 [237] Performance, prop Media and Performance
Guy de Cointet FR Going to the Market 1978 MoMA 2012 618.2012 [238] Performance, prop Media and Performance
Guy de Cointet FR A New Life 1981 MoMA 2012 620.2012 [239] Performance, 26 props Media and Performance
Pietro Roccasalva IT The Seven Sleepers 2013 MoMA 2014 218.2014 [240] Installation and performance Media and Performance [241]
Kevin Beasley US I Want My Spot Back 2011-2012 MoMA 2014 1108.2014 [242] Performance with 39 processed a cappella tracks (28 min.), sealed letter Media and Performance [243]
Alex Schweder, Ward Shelley US Counterweight Roommate 2011 MoMA 2015 103.2015 [244] Installation and performance Architecture and Design
Tania Bruguera CU Untitled (Havana, 2000) 2000 MoMA 2015 303.2015 [245] Sugar cane bagasse, video (b&w, silent, 4:37 min.), and live performance Media and Performance
Simone Forti US Censor 1961 MoMA 2015 1761.2015.1 [246] Performance with metal pan, screws, audio Media and Performance
Simone Forti US Censor 1960-1961 MoMA 2015 1761.2015.1-2 [247] Performance and drawing Media and Performance
Simone Forti US From Instructions 1961 MoMA 2015 1764.2015 [248] Performance with rope and hardware Media and Performance
Simone Forti US Hangers 1961-2010 MoMA 2015 1765.2015.1-3 [249] Performance and drawings Media and Performance
Simone Forti US Huddle 1961 MoMA 2015 1766.2015.1 [250] Performance Media and Performance
Simone Forti US Huddle 1961-1974 MoMA 2015 1766.2015.1-3 [251] Performance, video, and handwritten draft Media and Performance
Simone Forti US Platforms 1961 MoMA 2015 1767.2015 [252] Performance with two plywood boxes, sound Media and Performance
Simone Forti US Roller Boxes 1961 MoMA 2015 1768.2015 [253] Performance with three plywood boxes on wheels and rope Media and Performance
Simone Forti US See Saw 1961-2011 MoMA 2015 1769.2015.1-3 [254] Performance, drawing, and notebook Media and Performance
Simone Forti US Slant Board 1961 MoMA 2015 1770.2015 [255] Performance with plywood and rope Media and Performance
Jennifer Allora, Guillermo Calzadilla US, CU Fault Lines 2013 MoMA 2016 1348.2016 [256] Ten metamorphic and igneous rocks, live performance by two boy soprano singers Media and Performance [257]
David Lamelas AR Time 1970 MoMA 2017 674.2017 [258] Performance and gelatin silver print Media and Performance
Pope.L US Dressing Up for Civil Rights 2019 MoMA 2019 92.2019 [259] Performance Media and Performance
Tino Sehgal UK This is New 2003 Serralves 2008 [260] Concept and interpretation Performance
Tino Sehgal UK This is About 2003 Serralves 2008 [261] Concept and interpretation Performance
André Guedes PT Outro Fumador 2004 Serralves 2011 [262] Vinyl signage, portable ashtray, actor / actress Performance [263]
Alexandra Bachzetsis CH Gold 2004 Serralves 2017 [264] Performance, 30 mins, 1 performer Performance [265]
Tino Sehgal UK This Objective of That Object 2004 Walker 2008 2008.46 [266] constructed situation
Ralph Lemon US Scaffold Room 2014 Walker 2015 2015.63 [267] mixed media Multimedia [268]
Jason Moran US STAGED: Slugs' Saloon 2018 Walker 2018 2018.14 [269] mixed media, sound Multimedia [270]
Maria Hassabi CY STAGING: solo 2017 Walker 2018 2018.25.1-.10 [271] STAGING: solo: oil paint on floor, performer, outfit designed by Victoria Bartlett
STAGING: solo-archival: oil paint of floor, video (color, sound) outfit designed by Victoria Bartlett
STAGING: 5min: oil paint on floor, dancer's manual
Action / Performance [272]
Tino Sehgal UK This Progress 2006 Guggenheim 2010 2010.7 [273] Constructed situation
Tania Bruguera CU Tatlin’s Whisper #6 (Havana Version) 2009 Guggenheim 2014 2014.11 [274] Color video, with sound, 40 min., 33 sec., stage, podium, loudspeaker, video camera, and microphones, with occasional performance Film/Video, Installation [275]
Roman Ondák SK Swap 2011 Guggenheim 2014
Amalia Pica AR A ∩ B ∩ C 2013 Guggenheim 2014 2014.45 [276] Acrylic and occasional performance Installation [277]
Kevin Beasley US Strange Fruit (Pair 2) 2015 Guggenheim 2014 2014.74 [278] Nike Air Jordan 1 shoes, resin, polyurethane foam, tube socks, shoelaces, rope, speakers, hypercardioid and contact microphones, amplifiers, patch cables, and effects processors, with unannounced performance [279]
Gerard & Kelly US Timelining 2014 Guggenheim 2014 2014.75 [280] Performance [281]
Wang Jianwei CN Spiral Ramp Library 2014-2015 Guggenheim 2014 2014.104 [282] Two-part performance [283]
Amie Siegel US Winter 2013 Guggenheim 2015 2015.44 Color video, transferred from 16 mm film, with sound, 33 min. and performance with objects [284]
Amalia Pica AR Asamble 2015 Guggenheim 2015 2015.58 [285] Performance [286]
Naama Tsabar IL Work on Felt (Variation 4) 2015 Guggenheim 2016 2016.4 [287] Performance; industrial felt, carbon fiber, epoxy, guitar tuner, piano string, and contact microphone [288]
Naufus Ramírez-Figueroa GT A Brief History of Architecture in Guatemala 2010 Guggenheim 2016 2016.30.1 [289] Performance and three foam-board costumes [290]
Pia Camil MX For Sale 2010 Guggenheim 2017 2017.3 [291] Polyester blend fabric, inkjet print, and occasional performance [292]
Amalia Pica AR Now Speak! 2011 MFA Boston 2013 2013.1829 [293] Cast concrete, live performance Sculpture [294]
Tino Sehgal UK This You 2006 Beyeler 2015 TIS 001 [295] Constructed outdoor situation
Pierre Huyghe FR Name Announcer 2011 Cleveland Museum of Art 2017 2017.191 [296] A person at the entrance of a space Time-based Media [297]
Tino Sehgal UK This You 2006 Hirschhorn 2018 2018.020 [298] [299] Constructed situation, NA

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