Tadeusz Kantor

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Tadeusz Kantor (6 April 1915, Wielopole Skrzyńskie - 8 December 1990, Kraków) was a Polish artist and theatre director. Scope of his vast oeuvre covered different fields of art, from painting, set design, installation, through theatre and happening art, to conceptual works. Key concepts of his art were simultaneously realised in works of different genres. Tadeusz Kantor was a pioneer in happening art in Poland (Cricotage 1965, Panoramic Sea Happening 1967, An Anatomy Lesson after Rembrandt 1968). He was deeply involved in the activities of Foksal Gallery in Warsaw. His theatre works, created with Cricot2 theatre, brought him international success, with the eponymous The Dead Class (1975) as the most notable example.

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