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Experimental film[edit]

  • Paul de Mol, Nelly Voorhuis (eds.), Het Experiment in de Nederlandse Film, Amsterdam: Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, 1985. Catalogue. (Dutch)
  • Anna Abrahams, Mariska Graveland, Erwin van 't Hart, Peter van Hoof, MM2. Experimental film in the Netherlands since 1960, Amsterdam: Filmbank & De Balie, 2004, 286 pp. [1]
  • Anna Abrahams, Claartje Opdam, Mariska Graveland, film3 [‘kju:bIk fIlm], Amsterdam: EYE Film Institute Netherlands & Amsterdam University Press, 2010, 390 pp. Catalogue. (in English/Dutch) [2] [3]

Computer art[edit]

Video art[edit]

  • Sebastián López, A Short History of Dutch Video Art/ Una Breve Historia del Video Arte en Holanda, Amsterdam: Gate Foundation, and Rotterdam: episode publishers, 2005. ISBN: 90-5973-031-3. [6] (English)/(Spanish)

Electroacoustic and electronic music[edit]

Frans de Waard, Dick Raaijmakers

  • The Ear Reader, a web magazine for contemporary composition based in the Netherlands, *2010.
Releases and literature

Media art and culture[edit]


Almere, Amersfoort, Amsterdam, Arnhem, Deventer, Eindhoven, Enschede, Groningen, The Hague, Leeuwarden, Leiden, Maastricht, Nijmegen, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Wageningen.


Platforms, Archives[edit]

  • An online catalogue of media art from Dutch collections. The website is home to media art collections of Frans Hals Museum, Van Abbemuseum, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, and LIMA. The works are available worldwide for research, knowledge exchange, long-term storage and presentation.
  • Digital Canon (1960–2000) of the Netherlands. Experts from the field of digital culture selected twenty of the most prominent and influential works made on Dutch soil by artists who lived or worked here over a long period of time. The works and their makers are not all equally well known, yet this does not detract from their lasting influence on digital art and culture. Each of the works makes use of or responds to digital culture’s increasing impact on art and society.
  • V2_archive presents 35 years of activities of V2_, Rotterdam. The archive collects documentation about events, people, organizations and artworks, and essays, interviews and publications that have played a role in V2_'s history. It catalogues V2_'s events from 1981 onwards, alongside many works that were shown, texts, photos and videos.
  • Inventorying Design and Digital Culture Archives. Conducted by The New Institute, Rotterdam. Commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Report published in June 2019 (in Dutch).
  • Media Art Platform (MAP) was a social networking website for media art professionals and enthusiasts, initiative of the Netherlands Media Art Institute. (Archived 2011)
  • The Dutch Thing was a directory service for artists and their organisations. The dutch Thing maps content and context into simple lists and messages. Launched 1996 as part of The Thing network in Amsterdam. (Archived 2016)