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Early cinema[edit]

"In the summer of 1895, a moving pictures machine was installed for the first time in Prater, an amusement quarter that continues to exist in Vienna today. Five machines were placed in 'Kinetoscope Hall', where documentary pictures from American Thomas Alva Edison and his assistants were exhibited. Prater was a popular film location during the beginnings of film history.

On 26 March 1896 Eugene Dupont, collaborator of the firm Lumiere, organized the first public performance in Austria: documentary films about Vienna were shown in the building located at Kärntnerstraße‎ 45 (later in the contiguous building number 39). The work of Charles Moisson, principal operator of Lumiere, was presented there. In the exhibition programme were the films Feuerwehr-Central am Hof, Kärntnerstraßs Le Ring, and Freudenau, Sattelraum nach dem Pisek-Rennen.

Pictures of Prater--such as Der Volksprater, Der Prater and Die Hauptalle [Main Avenue]--were among the scenes that Alexander Promio and his assistant and interpreter Alexander Werschinger were shooting in Vienna on behalf of Lumiere in mid-April 1896." (Source)


Avant-garde film, Experimental film[edit]


Computer art[edit]

Otto Beckmann, ars intermedia group (1966-1980)

New media art, Media culture[edit]


Dornbirn, Graz, Hainburg, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Linz, Salzburg, Schmiede, Schrattenberg, Vienna.