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LIMA is a platform for media art based in Amsterdam. Its activities aim to promote a critical understanding of media art and technology and sustainable access to media art. Internationally, LIMA is a pioneer and centre of expertise in the field of preservation, research and distribution of media art. As a distributor, LIMA represents a range of artists - from early pioneers to emerging artists - and assists them in presenting and promoting new work. LIMA houses the collections of the Lijnbaan Centre, MonteVideo, Time Based Arts and De Appel. LIMA preserves the memory of Dutch media art not only through its collection and archive, but also through its digital repository and conservation services for various museums, artists, archives and collectors. In collaboration with a multidisciplinary national and international network, LIMA researches and develops services and tools for artists and institutions, as well as methods and practices for dealing with digital art in a thoughtful and sustainable way. LIMA actively develops best practice guidelines, conducts case studies and shares knowledge through projects, lectures, presentations and workshops. New ways of preserving and disseminating media art are continually explored through a public programme of diverse (online and offline) projects, events and activities. (2023)

Founding director: Gaby Wijers.