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Clive Phillpot's Artists’ Books "Fruit Salad" Diagram, 1982?.
Kione Kochi, Clive Phillpot's diagram updated to illustrate new complexities in the age of digital publishing, Half Letter Press, 2013. (Source)
For artist and experimental publishing

Artists, writers, groups, initiatives[edit]

Libraries, archives, collections[edit]

  • Archiv Sohm, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart. Est. 1963 in Markgröningen near Stuttgart by Hanns Sohm; in 1981 donated to the Staatsgalerie. Catalogue.
  • Artpool, Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest. Est. by György Galántai and Júlia Klaniczay in 1979. In 1992, the archive became an official institution, the Artpool Art Research Center. In 2015, Artpool became a department of the Museum of Fine Arts. In 2020, it moved into the campus of the National Museum Restoration and Storage Center (OMRRK) and continues as part of the Central European Research Institute for Art History (KEMKI).
  • Zona Archives, Firenze. Est. 1974 by Maurizio Nannucci, et al. Part of the Zona non profit art space until it closed down in 1985.
  • Art Information Centre, est. in 1969 by Peter van Beveren, Middelburg, NL. In 1993, sold to a second-hand bookshop in Amsterdam.


Stores, distributors, libraries[edit]



See Artists publishing/Index


Pre-1945 avant-garde
  • Ur. Cahiers pour un dictat culturel, 3+7 numbers, ed. Maurice Bismuth, Paris: Brunidor, 1950-53 (nos. 1-3) & 1963-67 (nos. 1-7). [7] [8]
  • Ion. Centre de création, 1 issue, ed. Marc-Gilbert Guillaumain [Marc’O], Apr 1952, 286 pp. [9] [10]
Lettrist International
  • Potlatch: bulletin d'information de groupe français de l'Internationale lettriste, later Potlatch: bulletin d'information de l'Internationale lettriste, 29 numbers (27 issues), eds. André-Frank Conord (1-8), Mohamed Dahou (9-18, 20-22), Gil J. Wolman (19), and Jacques Fillon (23-24), Paris, 22 Jun 1954-5 Nov 1957; new ed., augm., as Potlatch, 1954-1957, Paris: Lebovici, 1985, 242 pp; repr. as Guy Debord présente Potlatch, 1954-1957, Paris: Gallimard, 1996, 291 pp. [11] [12]
  • Les Lèvres Nues, 12 numbers, Brussels, 1954-1958; facs., Paris: Plasma, 1978, 500 pp; Paris: Allia, 1999. [14]
  • Cahier pour un paysage à inventer, 1 issue, ed. Patrick Straram, Montreal, May 1960, 103 pp. A Situationist-influenced periodical. [19] (French)
  • The Situationist Times, 6 numbers, eds. Jacqueline de Jong (1-6) and Noël Arnaud (1-2), Hengelo (NL), Copenhagen and Paris, May 1962-Dec 1967. (English)
  • Drakabygget: tidskrift for konst mot atombomber, påvar och politiker, 11 numbers (5 issues), eds. Katarina Lindell (1-3), Jørgen Nash (4-11), and Lis Zwick (6-11), Örkelljunga, Sweden: Bauhaus Situationiste: Drakabyggets kollektivverkstad, 1962-1965 & 1982-1983. The journal of the Bauhaus Situationiste group. [20] (Swedish)
  • Der Deutsche Gedanke. Organ der Situationistischen Internationale für Mitteleuropa, 1 issue, ed. Raoul Vaneigem, Brussels, Apr 1963. First issue of the Internationale situationniste in Germany, Der Deutsche Gedanke was meant to replace Spur after the exclusion of the group. [24]. (German)
  • Internazionale Situationista, 1 issue, Milan: Internazionale Situazionista, Jul 1969, 144 pp. Journal of the Italian section of SI. [28] [29] (Italian)
    • trans., in Section italienne de l'Internationale Situationniste: Ecrits complets, 1969-1972, trans. Joel Gayraud and Luc Mercier, Paris: Contre-Moule, 1988. (French)
  • 0-9, 6 numbers, eds. Bernadette Meyer and Vito Acconci, New York, 1967-1969. Reprint. [30], [31]. FSL. [32], [33], ccindex.
  • Art-Language, 19 numbers, eds. Terry Atkinson, David Bainbridge, Michael Baldwin, Harold Hurrell, et al., Coventry, UK: Art & Language Press, 1969-1978. First issue carried the subtitle The Journal of Conceptual Art. Covers, [34], [35].
  • Új Symposion, 77+ numbers, eds. Bálint Szombathy (1971-72, 1986-89), László Kerekes (1984-85), et al., Novi Sad: Tribina mladih, [1971]-[1989]. [36], [37], [38], [39], [40]. (Hungarian)
  • Index, eds. Slobodan Tišma, Janez Kocijanić, and Mirko Radojičić, Novi Sad, [1969]-[1972]. Student magazine. [41]. (Serbo-Croatian)
  • Data, 32 numbers, eds. Tommaso Trini (Castelli) and Ciacia Nicastro, Milan: Prearo, 1971-1978. [42]. [43] (Italian),(English)
  • Polja 156: "Konceptualna umetnost", ed. Mirko Radojičić, Novi Sad, Feb 1972. (Serbo-Croatian)
  • The Fox, 3 numbers, eds. Sarah Charlesworth, Michael Corns, Preston Heller, Joseph Kosuth, Andrew Menard, Mel Ramsden, and Ian Burn, New York, 1975-1976. ccindex, [44].
  • Vision, 5 numbers, ed. Tom Marioni, Oakland, CA: Crown Point Press, 1975-1981. Issue 1. [45], [46], [47].
  • Red-herring, 2 numbers, eds. Karl Beveridge, Jill Breakstone, Ian Burn, Carole Conde, Michael Corns, Preston Heller, and Andrew Menard, New York: C.I.F., 1977-1978. ccindex, Allen.
Mail art
  • The Neo, 10+2 numbers, ed. Monty Cantsin, Montreal, 1979-81. Last two numbers published with the title Organ.
  • PhotoStatic, 41 numbers, ed. Lloyd Dunn, Aug 1983-Jan 1993.
  • SMILE, ed. Monty Cantsin, Feb 1984-95. [49] [50] [51]
  • Retrofuturism, 11+6 numbers, ed. Tape-beatles, Jan 1988-Apr 1993.
  • Yawn, 45 numbers, Sep 1989-Mar 1993.
  • Re:Action newsletter, 10 numbers, ed. Stewart Home, Winter 1994-Spring 1999.
  • Psrf, 2 numbers, ed. Lloyd Dunn, Oct 1997-Oct 1998.

Anthologies, sourcebooks[edit]


Selected essays[edit]

  • El Lissitzky, "Unser Buch", in Gutenberg Jahrbuch 1927, ed. Alois Ruppel, Mainz: Gutenberg-Gesellschaft, 1926-1927; repr., rev. Jan Tschichold, in Werke und Aufsatze von El Lissitzky (1890-1941), ed. Jan Tschichold, Berlin: Gerhardt, 1971. (German)
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    • more translations
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Artists' Books: A Critical Anthology and Sourcebook, 1985, Log, PDF.
  • Magazine, ed. Gwen Allen, London: Whitechapel Gallery (Documents of Contemporary Art), and MIT Press, 2016, 237 pp. TOC. Publisher. Publisher. (English)

Books, theses[edit]

Riva Castleman, A Century of Artists Books, 1994, PDF.
Johanna Drucker, The Century of Artists’ Books, 1995/2004, Log.
Margit Rowell, Deborah Wye, The Russian Avant-Garde Book, 1910-1934, 2002, Log, PDF.
Gwen Allen, Artists' Magazines: An Alternative Space for Art, 2011, Log.
Nicholas Thoburn, Anti-Book: On the Art and Politics of Radical Publishing, 2016, Log, PDF.
Lim Kyung yong, Helen Jungyeon Ku (eds.), Publishing as Method: Ways of Working Together in Asia, 2023.
Alessandro Ludovico, Tactical Publishing: Using Senses, Software, and Archives in the Twenty-First Century, 2024, PDF
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Journal and magazine issues[edit]

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Exhibition catalogues[edit]

  • The Artist & the Book, 1860-1960: in Western Europe and the United States, ed. Eleanor M Garvey, Boston: Museum of Fine Arts, 1961, 232 pp. (English)
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Film documentaries[edit]

  • Art ex Libris Video: The Book Art Invitational at Artspace, dir. Mitzi Humphrey, 1994, 62 min. Documentary of the 1994 exhibition at Artspace Gallery, Richmond, Virginia. [129]



Recent exhibitions[edit]

See also exhibition catalogues above.

  • I Am Also not a Book, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid, Sep 2016-May 2017. Curated by Guy Schraenen.
  • Artists' Books for Everything, Center for Artists' Publications, Weserburg, Bremen, Jun-Aug 2017. Curated by Anne Thurmann-Jajes and Bettina Brach. Organised in collaboration with the University of Bremen.
  • Druck Druck Druck, Galerie im Körnerpark, Berlin, 13 Apr-14 Aug 2019. Curated by Nina Prader and John Z. Komurki.

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