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  • Georges Papazoff
  • Geo Milev
  • Niccola Diulgheroff, Bauhaus student
  • Maria Utschkunova Auböck, Bauhaus student
  • Vezni, 1919-1922.
  • Lebed [Лебед], 3 numbers, 1921-1922. [1]
  • Crescendo, eds. Kiril Krastev (Кирил Кръстев), Teodor Draganov (Теодор Драганов) and Ivan Milev (Иван Милев), Yambol, 1922. Futurist magazine; continuation of Lebed. [2]
  • Plamuk [Пламък], ed. Geo Milev (Гео Милев), Sofia, 1923-1925. [3]
Work inspired by constructivist avant-garde
  • Theodore Ushev, Tower Bawher (2006). Constructivist-style abstract animated short, filled with visual references to artists of the era, including Vertov, Stenberg, Rodchenko, Lissitsky and Popova, set to the musical composition "Time, Forward!" by Russian composer Georgy Sviridov. [4] [5]
  • Kiril Krastev (Кирил Кръстев), Vasil Petkov (Васил Петков), Nedyalko Gegov (Недялко Гегов), Totyu Brunekov (Тотю Брънеков), Manifest na druzhestvoto za borba protiv poetite [Манифест на Дружеството за борба против поетите], [Aug 1926], [4] pp, HTML, JPG [6] [7] [8]. [9] (Bulgarian)
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Electroacoustic and electronic music

  • The Electronic music studio was founded at Sofia Radio in 1974 by Simo Lazarov and the first professional studio synthesizer "Synthi 100", one of the best for the time, was purchased. In the beginning of 80s the first analogue synthesiser (produced in Paris and occupying almost one big hall) has been installed in the radio. Existed until 1999.
  • Festival for Electroacoustic, Electronic and Computer Music (FEM) started in 1989 in Goce Delchev and Sandanski towns, co-initiated by Lazarov. In 1991 transformed into Computer Space forum and moved to Sofia. Between 1991 and 1994 the event has been organized by SCAS and the electronic music section has been organized in cooperation with Simo Lazarov. Between 1995 and 1998 the electronic music section has been organized in cooperation with DS Music. [26]
  • The World of Computer Music, forum, created by Lazarov and Howard Wirshil, its recent editions were held simultaneously in Sofia and Atlanta and were launched on the Internet
  • Simo Lazarov, "Bulgarian Electronic and Computer Music Electronic Studio - Radio Sofia", 1994. [27]
  • Simo Lazarov, "Composing and Performing Computer Music By Using Personal Computers", PhD thesis, 1991. Technical University in Sofia.

Video art

  • Rossen Milev, "Bulgarien", in Milev, Video in Osteuropa, Sofia: Balkanmedia, 1993. (German)

Computer and computer-aided art

Rosen Petkov

  • SCAS (Student Computer Art Society), founded by Rosen Petkov. [28]
  • Center for Computer Arts, a joint initiative of the SCAS and the "Soros" Center for the Arts, founded in mid-90s by Petkov.
  • In one of the biggest and well-known daily newspapers “Narodna Mladej” (Peoples’ Youth) with approx. 100 000 daily issues circulation, Rosen Petkov, promoted electronic arts (ca 1987 [30]). “Mlad konstruktor” (The Young Developer) magazine and “Grafika s komputar” (Computer Graphics) magazine were other well known media where Mr. Petkov presented the electronic music and computer graphics achievements during that time.
  • Rosen Petkov, Old books and computer arts, 2010. [31]

New media art, Media culture


Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna.