Krassimir Terziev

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Krassimir Terziev (*1969) is a visual artist and organizer on contemporary arts and media culture. Lives and works in Sofia, Bulgaria, where he had graduated MA in Arts Academy in Sofia (1997).

Being trained as a painter, he also produces photographs, installations, computer mediated works, but the moving image has proven to be his most effective and expressive idiom. His work has been presented at MuHKA, Antwerp, Generali Foundation, Vienna, AT; TATE Modern London, Renaissance Society , Chicago; 9th. Cairo International Biennale, The Kitchen, NY.

From 2005 he is co-director of xfilm festival for experimental film, video & new media, Sofia.

He has received a number of grants and awards on national and international level.

  • Rossitza Daskalova, Krassimir Terziev interviewed about InterSpace Media Center in Sofia, Bulgaria, 2001, [1]

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