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Alex McLean,, 2001. Software. Online.
Perpetual Self Dis/Infecting Machine, custom made computer infected with by and Epidemic, 2001. Online.

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"Software Art ... incorporates projects in which self-written algorithmic computer software (stand alone programmes or script-based applications) is not merely a functional tool, but is itself an artistic creation." (Transmediale 2001)

"[S]oftware art could be generally defined as an art of which the material is formal instruction code and/or which addresses cultural concepts of software." (Florian Cramer, 2002)

"[A]t the basis of each piece of software there are definite algorithms, but if conventional programs are instruments serving purely pragmatic purposes, the result of the work of artistic programs often finds itself outside of the pragmatic and the rational." (Olga Goriunova and Alexei Shulgin, 2002)

"Software culture is the living culture of programmers and users, as active participants in a world of or mediated by software. In its heart it circumscribes the field of intensive immaterial production, if on the level of coding, use, speculation or critical reflection and at the periphery every aspect of human life which is somehow driven or controlled by software. Software art is reflecting the realities and potentials of this culture." (Pit Schultz, c2002)



Works highlighted on Transmediale (2001-2004) and Read_me (2002-2005) festivals

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This chronology does not include events primarily concerned with computer art and internet art or more broadly with digital art and new media art.

read_me festival 1.2 video documentation,
Moscow, 18-19 May 2002, 4h32m. Source.
2004 and later


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This bibliography does not include texts primarily concerned with computer art and internet art or more broadly with digital art and new media art.

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