Wojciech Bruszewski

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Born March 8, 1947(1947-03-08)
Wrocław, Poland
Died September 6, 2009(2009-09-06) (aged 62)
Łódź, Poland
Web Culture.pl, Wikipedia-PL
Collections Arton, MoMA Warsaw 9, MS Łódź 8, LUX 5, CSW Toruń 4, ZKM 1, Mocak Kraków 1

Wojciech Bruszewski (1947-2009) was a Polish filmmaker and video artist.

Bruszewski was born in Wrocław and lived and worked in Łódź for most of his life. He studied film, photography and directing and graduated from the National Film Academy in 1975. Between 1970–1976 he co-founded the Workshop of Film Form. Founded by graduates of Lódz Film School in 1970, the Workshop of the Film Form helped define the moving image avant-garde in Poland in the 1970s. The Workshop was a pioneering and highly influential collective that promoted analytical experimentation in all of their multidisciplinary practices. As well as Bruszewski key members of the Workshop of the Film Form included Kazimierz Bendkowski, Pawel Kwiek, Józef Robakowski, and Ryszard Wasko.

Bruszewski's works included YYAA, a 3-minute long primal scream in which changes in light exposure modulate the soundtrack. Other films, like Tea-Spoon and Match-Box, also challenged the viewer by manipulating expectations of synchronous sound and image, and his early video work examined the immediate relationship between camera, monitor and viewer made possible by instant playback or live feed technology.

His works were shown worldwide including at Documenta 6 & 8, Kassel; The Hayward Gallery, London; The Richard Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh, and Zamek Ujazdowski, Warsaw.

In 1988 he founded an independent radio station 'Radio Ruine der Künste Berlin' and worked as a Professor at the Art Academy in Poznan.


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