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Nova generatsiia [Нова генерація: Журнал лівої формації мистецтв; New Generation] was a literary organisation of futurists established in Kharkiv in 1927 by former members of the Association of Panfuturists, Mykhailo Semenko, Geo Shkurupii, Oleksii Poltoratsky, A. Chuzhy, Mykola Skuba, and others, and new members such as Dmytro Buzko. Its program embraced the propagandistic slogans of internationalism and proletarian culture and was combined with an imperative to modernize Ukrainian literature by putting it in touch with contemporary literary currents in the West. In 1929 the name was changed to the All-Ukrainian Association of Workers of Communist Culture, and in 1930, to the Alliance of Proletarian Writers in Ukraine. In 1931 the organisation was forced to disband. Most of its members were executed during the Stalinist terror, although some, such as O. Poltoratsky, succumbed to pressure and adopted the Party line. (Source).


The organisation published between October 1927 and December 1930 a monthly journal under its own name (Nova generatsiia), edited by Mykhailo Semenko. Much of its contents were devoted to contemporary literary polemics and to the popularization of currents in literature and art in the West (eg, G. Apollinaire, Le Corbusier, W. Baumeister). Among the more frequent contributors were Amvrosii Buchma, V. Ver, Oleksa Vlyzko, Hryhorii (Heo) Koliada, Favst Lopatynsky, Semen Skliarenko, E. Strikha (Kost Burevii), Leonid Skrypnyk, and Leonid Chernov. 36 issues appeared. (Source).


Nova generatsiia 1 (Jan 1929), PDF (45 mb).
Nova generatsiia 6 (1929).


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