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MAFAF (Mala Pula; Meduklupski i autorski festival amaterskog filma; Interclub Amateur and Artist Film Festival). In 1957 the organisers of the Pula Festival of Yugoslavian professional film invited cinema amateurs to show their work. All amateur cinema clubs were invited, but at such short notice that only the Belgrade Cinema Club managed to participate. This event later gave rise to the forming of MAFAF, one of the most important amateur film festivals in Yugoslavia, sometimes referred to as Mala Pula (Minor Pula) in allusion to the Pula Film Festival. MAFAF was organised by the Belgrade Cinema Club and Pula Cinema Club in Pula between 1965 and 1990. The initiative for the festival came from the Pula club Jelen. Film screenings took place outdoors, in the garden of the Museum of the Revolution, a few days before the Pula Yugoslavian Film Festival. This timing ensured the atttendance of many authors, spectators, and journalists. During the festival courses were organized for film amateurs. Juries were mostly comprised of prominent young directors, renowned critics and theoreticians, and award-winning amateurs, all of whom shared great sympathy for explorations and research in film. This encouraged the participation of many authors who later became the great names of Yugoslavian film: Lordan Zafranović, Karpo Godina, Želimir Žilnik, Srdan Karanović, Franci Slak, Vilko Filač, and the more avant-garde Mihovil Pansini, Vladimir Petek, Tomislav Gotovac, Ivan Martinac, Miro Mikuljan, Ivica Matić, etc. (Amir Muratović and Miha Peče)

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