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Born Ulan-Ude, Soviet Union (today Russia)
Lives in London, United Kingdom
Web Academia.edu, Aaaaarg

Olga Goriunova (1977, Ulan-Ude, USSR) is a scholar and curator in the fields of digital media arts and cultures. She is Professor in the Department of Media Arts, Royal Holloway, University of London.

She graduated in philology from the Moscow State University (1999). She completed her Ph.D. on "Art Platforms. The constitution of cultural and artistic currents on the Internet" in Media Lab, University of Art and Design Helsinki, on the concept of art platforms, with close attention to the questions of organizational aesthetics, autocreativity, collective, flexible and amateur production, network politics and valorization as playing out in the materiality of digital cultures.

She taught audiovisual arts, sociology of art and media theory in Moscow City University and Moscow State University of Humanities; in many educational media institutions in St. Petersburg (course on the history of media technologies and essentials of media theory "Media: history of expansion", 2000-2001 Pro Arte Institute); Almaty/Kazakhstan ("New Media Art Strategies" Programme, 2001 Center for Contemporary Art); Moldova and has lectured world-wide.

In 2001 she curated and moderated the round table discussion Copyright in the Age of Digital Reproduction, MediaForum, Moscow. She is a co-organizer of Readme software art festivals (Moscow 2002, Helsinki 2003, Aarhus 2004, Dortmund 2005); a co-organizer of software art repository Runme.org. From 2001 a member of Data Exchange Laboratory. In 2010, Goriunova organized an international exhibition Funware that was first shown in Arnolfini gallery in Bristol and which then traveled to the cultural organisations MU and Baltan, in Eindhoven in The Netherlands (November 2010 – January 2011).

She written and published on a broad range of topics in the areas of new media theory and art, literature in the digital age, history of philosophy of technology, aesthetics, social and critical theory, emphasizing questions at the intersection of digital materiality, aesthetics and organisation. Research interests include digital folklore, aesthetics of glitch, FLOSS (free, libre and open source software) and culture, online participatory platforms, 8-bit music and low tech aesthetics, sociology of artistic experiment and "male" literature, amongst others.

She lives in London.


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