Georg Schöllhammer

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Born 1958 in Linz. After studying architecture, art history and philosophy he was the fine arts editor of the daily newspaper "Der Standard" from 1988 until 1994. Since 1992 Schöllhammer has been a visiting professor at the University of Art and Industrial Design in Linz where he lectures on the theory of contemporary art. In addition he was the curator responsible for the international cooperation project "translocation new media_art“ and co-curator of the festival "du bist die welt“ at the Vienna International Festival 2001, and also of exhibitions in Yerewan and in Sofia in 2002. As editor-in-chief with responsibility for the textual content of the theory-oriented Austrian art magazine Springerin, Schöllhammer has in recent years devoted his attention to cultural themes in Central Europe. He is also producing a publication series of the documenta 12 that will appear from 2005 onwards. In autumn 2004 he undertook the coordination of newly expanded Austrian part of Tranzit network.