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quarterly magazine dedicated to the theory and critique of contemporary art and culture. springerin addresses a public that perceives cultural phenomena as socially and politically determined. springerin informs about current events and tendencies in the cultural field und tries to describe their conditions and meanings. The magazine is published in German and distributed internationally. A special section of every issue (Netzteil) is examining the potentials of new technologies and media. The main section is dedicated to positions, motives, conflicts and debates around a controversial topic in contemporay culture. A section titled Artscribe critically informs about important exhibitions, events and publications.

springerin addresses a broad public interested in the wide spectrum of contemporary culture. Artists, gallerists, collectors, art pedagogues are served by springerin as well as readers from the field of the humanities and those generally interested in new media and popular culture are.

Based in Vienna.

Editors: Christian Höller, Hedwig Saxenhuber, Georg Schöllhammer (V.i.S.d.P.)