Zsuzsa Berecz

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Zsuzsa Berecz is a dramaturge and cultural worker working mainly in her local context of Budapest, but also translocally. For her, dramaturgy is an extended practice that shapes and reflects socio-ecological contexts, situations, relations. She is interested in finding and creating courageous spaces to experiment with different ways of working and co-existing. Zsuzsa is a co-founder of the artists' cooperative Pneuma Szöv. (2008). She has founded experimental frameworks such as a free school of art and micro-enonomies called μEGYETEM (2016-2017) in collaboration with the Intermedia Department of the Budapest University of Fine Arts and the MÜSZI cultural centre, or the Spectacular Society - a series of political-philosophical game evenings (2022) and the Brace Space performance club at Trafó House of Contemporary Arts. As a member of KÖME - Association of Cultural Heritage Managers she collaborates on projects dealing with experimental interpretation methods and visitor dramaturgy in exhibition contexts. Since 2021 Zsuzsa is also a lecturer at the Performance Studies class of the bottom-up university Freeszfe. (2023)