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Intermédia Tanszék (Intermedia Department) of The Hungarian University of Fine Arts in Budapest. Head: Miklós Peternák.

The Intermedia Department was founded in 1990 and three years later, the program documentation was accepted for implementation. The university accepted the first applicants in 1993, so at the end of the five-year program, in 1998, the first media artist diplomas were issued to graduates. 

While relying heavily on local circumstances, the Intermedia Department of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts is a major learning and educational centre that developed simultaneously with similar European undertakings. At the time of the program's commencement in 1990, the overwhelming local circumstance in Hungary (and in all of Central and Eastern Europe) was the unprecedented process of reprogramming and reshaping a bankrupt political and economic system into a working society. This process, fraught continuously with unforeseeable complications, was an interesting one from the perspective of art, as it required the development of the capacity for swift, unexpected activity as creative behaviour. Because of the extended authority of art, inter-media and inter-disciplinary skills are essential to manage the actual relationships between cultural traditions and novelties which usually come upon us out of the blue. The Intermedia program is a five-year artist training curriculum, built around the core ideas of the artistic use of the new media, the unity of theory and practice and a perspective which regards science, technology and art holistically. Which is to say, we are not advocating one artistic technique, genre or perspective over another, but attempt to interpret, teach and practice all directions in the frameworks of all other directions.

The Hungarian University of Fine Arts was founded in 1871. The five year course in either of the following fields leads to the award of the MA (Master of Arts) university degree: painting, sculpture, graphics, graphic design, intermedia (combined media), stage and costume design, and restoration. Having completed the first four semesters students can enroll for the visual education programme where they will obtain an additional secondary school teacher degree. Postgraduate courses are also available. Students may attend either the continuing specialisation programme or the doctoral programme. The three-year doctoral programme leads to the DLA degree (Practical PhD) in the fields of painting, sculpture, graphics, graphic design, intermedia, and restoration.

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