Zoran Pantelić

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Born 1966. Artist, producer, educator and researcher. Currently director of kuda.org centre in Novi Sad. Holds a BA from the Academy of Fine Arts Novi Sad and MA from the same institution, as well as a certificate from the School of Media Education 2001 Faculty of Social Sciences, Ljubljana. In 1993, Zoran and Rastislav Skulec co-founded Apsolutno Skulpturalno art group in Novi Sad. In 1995, Dragan Miletic, Zoran Pantelić, Bojana Petrić, and Dragan Rakić (1957-2009), formed association Apsolutno in Vienna and collectively decided to produce and sign the works collaboratively as "association Apsolutno," without any reference to personal names. Association Apsolutno dealt with media pluralism and interdisciplinary art work that has shown internationally in festivals and galleries in places such as Berlin, Paris, Budapest, Vienna, Frankfurt, Wroclaw, Hiroshima, San Francisco, etc. With p.RT™ in 2000, Zoran co-founded kuda.org – new media center, in Novi Sad, which was the first of its kind in Serbia. In 2001, he curated the new media section of Belgrade October Salon, and co-curated New Media Festival in Belgrade. In 2003 he co-produced the World-Information.Org exhibition in Novi Sad and Belgrade. In 2004, Zoran organized Trans_european Picnic in Novi Sad. Since 2005, Zoran is teaching Media Communication at the Academy of Fine Arts in Novi Sad.