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Xchange is a pioneering streaming audio and sound art project on the Internet. It was launched in 1997 by Riga based artists group E-LAB (Rasa Smite, Raitis Smits, Jaanis Garancs) in collaboration with various other emerging net.radio initiatives from all over the world. The Xchange mailinglist for information exchange and communication was started in December 1997. The Xchange community reached its’ highest activity in 1998 and 1999 - when the most dynamic experiments with collaborative streaming possibilities took place during X-Open Channel sessions. Co-sessions were facilitated by E-LAB net.radio Ozone weekly webcast-programmes, during which live stream loops were created for connecting two and more participants from different locations of the network. In 1998 Xchange project received the PRIX Ars Electronica “Award of Distinction” in the net.category.

Nearly full archive of Xchange activities dating back to 1997 is available at the Xchange website, including:

  • 1. a full mailinglist archive 1997-2007, [1]
  • 2. a list of net.radio links from 90ties with short descriptions (there might be still incomplete/incorrect info,we are still improving texts! any corrections are welcome!), [2]
  • 3. and a more interesting part - audio archive, with realmedia recordings from Xchange collaborative streaming experiments and loops in 1998 (also available for listening in mp3), [3]

Original announcement [4]

Xchange information & communication channel for:

(!) announcements about new audio/radio links & live-streams, live-broadcasting time-tables, net.audio projects, events, etc.

(>) discussions; about radio development in the internet information exchange and research on using different softwares rea-time broadcasting & audio archiving in the net

(<) publishing the texts: about net.audio/radio and not only, - poetry, short abstracts, songs, pictures, proposals, suggestions, etc. are very welcome!)

(X) collaboration with other co-mailinglists.