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Vladan Radovanović, 1957
Born September 5, 1932(1932-09-05)
Belgrade, Serbia
Died May 15, 2023(2023-05-15) (aged 90)
Belgrade, Serbia

Vladan Radovanović (1932-2023) was an artist active in the fields of music, visual art and literature since 1947. He graduated in composition at the Belgrade Music Academy in a class of Prof. Milenko Živković. In 1958 he participated in establishing the Mediala art group, leaving it the following year. He initiated the foundation of the Radio Belgrade Electronic Studio in 1972, and was its head from 1972 to 1999 which hosted composers such as Aleksandar Obradović, Srđan Hofman, Zoran Erić, and Ivo Malec. In 1993 he initiated the SINTUM Open Group Project.

His creative domain was music as well as painting, literature, new media and polymedia synthesis. Coinciding with avant-garde streams, yet independently from them he researched in the field of the vocovisual, projectism (1954), tactile art (1956), polymedia and body action (1957), tape music (1960), electronic music (1966), computer music (1976), and computer graphics (1988). The central position in his creative poetics was reserved for the ART SYNTHESIS. He authored over 250 theoretical texts on music and new tendencies in the arts.

Operating Synthi 100 in Belgrade Radio Electronic Studio
Vladan radovanovic.jpg

He worked in experimental music studios in Warsaw (1966), Paris (1969), Utrecht (1976) and Budapest (1987). He is the author of the first Yugoslav computer-realized piece, Kompjutorija [Computoria], 1976 (8'13"), realised at the Institute of Sonology in Utrecht, with ASP program, and performed on 17 October 1977 in Utrecht. Radovanović’s compositions were selected to represent Yugoslavia at three SIMC festivals (1969, 1976, 1988). He had 24 individual exhibitions and performances at home and abroad.

He was the recipient of ten domestic and international awards for music (among them three first prizes at Yugoslav Radio Music Competition, October Award of the City of Belgrade 1971, Second Prize for electroacoustic music in Bourges 1979, Gianfranco Zafrani Award at Prix Italia 1984, First Prize at the International Review of Composers, Belgrade 1998), three awards for literature (one of them the award of the prestigious publisher Nolit in 1968) and six for visual arts (among them the First Prize of the Ministry of Culture for the best multimedia exhibition in 1992, the First Prize for video in Sao Paolo 1997, the First Prize of the City of Belgrade for visual arts in 2007, and the „Ivan Tabaković“ award for 2006/2008).

He was a member of the Serbian Composers Association and Serbian Fine Arts Association. From 2001 he was Guest Lecturer for Polymedia Arts at the University of Arts in Belgrade. In 2005 he received an honorary Ph D in music at University in Columbus, Ohio. In 2007 he received an honorary Ph D in Polymedia Arts at University of Arts in Belgrade, Serbia.



  • Evolucija, UKS, 1971
  • Sonora, UKS, 1974
  • Varijacije za TV, TV Beograd, 1985


  • Voice From The Loudspeaker, [Glas iz zvučnika, глaс из динамика], 7" single, PGP RTB, Belgrade, 1975. Premiered at Belgrade's Student Cultural Center. The work is a conceptual text about the recorded voice, the magnetic tape medium and the loudspeaker's reproduction of the recording. In its use of self-referential speech, it is somewhat comparable to Alvin Lucier's I Am Sitting in a Room, save for the sound treatment. The English version was translated and read by Australian-born saxophonist Paul Pignon, who lived in Yugoslavia at the time and collaborated with contemporary music composers. [1]
  • Electra, part of Elektronski Studio Radio Beograda, LP, PGP RTB, ref. 2513, Belgrade, 1977.
  • Vladan Radovanović, LP, PGP RTB, ref. 2550, Belgrade, 1978.
  • Fonoverzum – Phonoverse, CD, electroacoustic music compilation (1960-98), Sokoj, 2010. [2]


  • Becoming Distinct/Indistinct, Guy Schraenen, Antwerpen, 1977.
  • The Eternal Lake, K. Groh, 1985.
  • Cut, part of Slowscan vol. 8, cassette, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands, 1988.


Partitures: "Korali" i "Fuga" (1957), 8 polifonija (1959), "Sferoon" (1962-66), "Evolucija" (1970), "Electra" (1974), "Vokalinstra" (1976), "Audiuspacijal" (1978), "Malo večno jezero" (1984), "Fluks" (1989), "Miks" (1993), "Glasovi zemljana" (1994). Radio plays: "Odlazak" (1966-73), "Snevač" (1984). Vokovisual works and unique books: "Pustolina" (1956-62), "Poliedar" (1968), "Kugla s tekstom" (1971-74), "Okreni" (1983), "Mena" (1989-90), "Vokovizuelni omaži" (1994-97). Polymedia projects: "Veliki zvučni taktizon" (1957), "Polim" 3 (1971), "Varijacije za TV" (1977), "Sazvežđa" (1992).


A Short Autobiography, 1996.


  • Pustolina, Nolit, 1968
  • Poliedar, Rok 2, 1969
  • Noćnik, Nolit, 1972
  • Vladan Radovanović: Mediji 1954-76, Belgrade: Muzej savremene umetnosti, 1976, [6] pp. Catalogue. (Serbo-Croatian)
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  • Samopredstavljanje umetnika, SKC and Naissus records, Niš, 1990
  • Tragovi/Traces, Zoran Bozović, 1993
  • Mena, self-published
  • Sintezijska umetnost Vladana Radovanovića [The Synthesic Art of Vladan Radovanović] monograph for his retrospective, 2005. Includes collection of essays by Dejan Đorić (The Founder of the Serbian Avant-Garde), Ješa Denegri, Nikola Šuica (on vocovisual), Ivan Rastegorac (On the Recording of Dreams and the Literary Works of Vladan Radovanović), Melita Milin (Metamusic and Music of Vladan Radovanović), Vladan Radovanović (Sintezijska umetnost / Synthesic Art); and catalogue of works. [3] [4]
  • Projectism, catalogue, 2010. [5]
  • Muzika i Elektroakustička Muzika, Izdavačka knjižarnica Zorana Stojanovića, Novi Sad, 2010. ISBN 978-86-7543-203-6

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