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Zespół T / Team T, a group composed of Janusz Kolodrubiec, Tomasz Konart, Andrzej Paruzel, Janusz Szczerek, and Piotr Weychert, was formed in 1980. In their program, the artists expressed their desire to address their individual activities primarily to other group members. This was to cause a confrontation between the views of individual group members in the first instance, and subsequently, in a somewhat broader context, to result in a confrontation between the group as a whole and the viewers of any one of their presentations. In the artists' opinion, these activities would grant each group member autonomy within general social structures and result in their liberation from mechanisms of power. Team T's program also implied the artists' vision of society as disintegrating into local groups that would create their own systems of integration (of an axiological, political or other nature). Within this paradigm, art would above all become a strategy for shaping self-awareness.

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