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SPECTRE is an open, unmoderated mailing list for media art and culture in Deep Europe.

Initiated in August 2001 after implosion of Syndicate list. SPECTRE offers a channel for practical information exchange concerning events, projects and initiatives organized within the field of media culture, and hosts discussions and critical commentary about the development of art, culture and politics in and beyond Europe. Deep Europe is not a particular territory, but is based on an attitude and experience of layered identities and histories - ubiquitous in Europe, yet in no way restricted by its topographical borders.

SPECTRE is a channel for people involved in old and new media in art and culture. Importantly, many people on this list know each other personally. SPECTRE aims to facilitate real-life meetings and favours real face-to-face (screen - to - screen) cooperation, test-bed experiences and environments to provoke querying of issues of cultural identity / identification and difference (translatable as well as untranslatable or irreducible). (Source)