Sarajevo Cinema Club

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Sarajevo Cinema Club (Kino klub Sarajevo). A group of film buffs founded the Club in order to "spread the culture of love for the cinema." Among the club's first authors were Mirko Komosar, Amir Hadžidedić, Nikola and Velimir Stojanović, Zlatko Lavanić, Mirza Idrizović; later they were joined by Ivica Matić and Vesko Kadić. The expansion of the Sarajevo television network provided them with opportunities for professional work in documentary and feature films, which led to the gradual decline of this most influential cinema club in Sarajevo. Some technically proficient 16 mm experimental and short feature films were produced by the club, some of which also exist as 35 mm copies. In 1967, the club members started a film magazine Sineast, which is still being published today. (Amir Muratović)

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