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Artist and organiser Ryszard Waśko (1947, Nysa, Poland) has worked in multimedia, including photography, film, video, installation, painting and drawing. Waśko came to prominence as a conceptual artist in the 1970s. During this time he studied at the Academy of Film, Television and Theatre in Lodz, Poland, and was a member of the Film Form Workshop, an avant-garde collective of painters, filmmakers, critics, poets, philosophers and scientists working on experimental film and multimedia. From 1981, Wasko initiated and organised Construction in Process in Lodz, a series of exhibitions of artworks created onsite. Artists invited to participate in Construction in Process in turn invite another group of participants, giving the project a dynamic, open character. Construction in Process has taken place in several countries, including Poland, Germany and Israel.

In the 1980s, Wasko was awarded a DAAD scholarship in Berlin. He exhibited and lectured widely in Europe. Wasko returned to Poland in 1989 and founded the International Artists' Museum in Lodz. It has since grown into a worldwide network of locally run art centres, bringing together artists and intellectuals from different backgrounds, locations and disciplines. In recent years, the museum has organised and sponsored over 60 major international events, exhibitions, meetings, panels, concerts, readings and projects focusing on art, culture, borders, community and identity. Wasko lives and works in Lodz, Poland. His work has been shown in Europe, the United States, Australia and Israel. Recent solo exhibitions include Nasty Bedtime Stories, Galeria 86, Lodz, 2003, Bedtime Stories, Center for the Arts, Orensanz Foundation, New York, 2002, Herzeliya Gallery, Herzeliya, Israel, 2001, and Wschodnia Gallery, Lodz, 2001. (Source)

He lives in Berlin.

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