Remake/Exhibition/Work 5 / J.Bellanger, G.Brunet, C.Doutriaux, C.Lenoble / ReCYSP1

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Artists: Julien Bellanger, Guillaume Brunet, Cédric Doutriaux, Catherine Lenoble

ReCYSP1 is a remake of the first autonomous cybernetic sculpture called CYSP1 created by the French artist Nicolas Schöffer (1912–1992). ReCYSP1 was developed in October 2011 during a three-week workshop at the PiNG Media Lab. Through a collaborative approach and latest technologies, its authors J. Bellanger, G. Brunet, C. Doutriaux, C. Lenoble try to reinterpret the work of this pioneering author of European media art. Thus, they examine the artistic potential of digital production and the possibilities of reusing materials intended for recycling.

Part of the Remake exhibition.