Catherine Lenoble

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Catherine Lenoble explores ways of reading and writing in present time. Author of the novel PetitBain (2010, à la criée) that placed ubiquity as the main character, she experimented with cross-genre narratives and hybrid fictional objects (print, online). Since then, she has engaged with writing in different collaborative environments (writing workshop in public space, networked performances, curation of nomadic conferences on reading/writing digital, etc) and co-initiated the research group Algo-lit (algorithmes & literature) in 2012 (with An Mertens). She wrote Anna K (HYX, 2016) about British novelist Anna Kavan and her legacy in the era of collaborative and computational web.

She was a core member of PiNG in Nantes, a resource organisation for emerging innovating projects that identify, experiment and evaluate the social and cultural uses of multimedia.