Peter Rónai

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Born 1953 in Budapest. Media artist. Studied paiting at the AFAD (prof J Želibský, 1974), painting and graphics at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts (prof. I Kocsis, 1976) in Budapest, PGS theory of photography at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts. Between 1990 and 1992 member of New Seriousness group with Július Koller and Milan Adamčiak. Since 1990 tought video at University of Nitra. Since 1993 lectured conceptual art in Brno. Organizer of BARLA with Miroslav Nicz . Directed Video FaVU VUT Brno department. Currently works at Mass Media Communication Faculty in Trnava. Lives in Bratislava.

Contact: ronai[at]

See also: Video art in Slovakia (1990s-2000s), Performance art in Slovakia (1960s-2000s).