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New Media Atelier at Academy of Fine Arts Prague with the direction of Michael Bielický (assistant: Anetta Mona Chisa). Bielicky left the deparment in 2007, followed by Markus Huemer. Assistants: Anetta Mona Chisa, Jirka Vyhnal.

Michael Bielický writes: "In 1991 I was called by the Prag Academy of Art to found and lead a section for new media. Nam June Paik donated quite a large amount of money for the equipment. As well, other (private) people from Germany supported this project. Thanks to the DAAD in Bonn, a longterm instructer for my department was made available for several years. The department is situated in a Cubist influenced villa. The first students reacted very individually in their way of using the new technology. From videotapes to video installations, interactive video sculpters, live video performances to communication art, they use their new techniques in a serious, but detached way."

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