Mihai Jalobeanu

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Computer scientist. Lives in Cluj.

Between 1973-1976 he was interested in computer graphics. Used a Hewlett-Packard 9100 calculator with a HP 9125 plotter. Realised the first computer graphics exhibitions in Romania (students' House of Culture in Cluj 1971, 1972; Arad 1973; Timisoara 1974; Satu-Mare 1975; Computer Graphics at Galeria Noua in Bucharest Jan-Feb 1976).

The attraction of the plotter representations directed him to the computer graphic artists: Georg Nees and Herbert Franke (whom he has met at Erlangen in 1973, respectively at Bucharest in 1974). This job was subject of many papers (published in magazines and newspapers) and conferences in his own country and different contacts in West Germany and Austria. It is to be noted an artistic recognition of his drawings obtained at the exhibition in Bucharest in January-February 1976 (Galeria Noua) benefiting from the enthusiastic support of prof. V.Mercea from Cluj, Titus Mocanu and Anca Arghir from Bucharest (now living in Germany). A good presentation of the exhibition appeared in Arta 6, Bucharest 1976 (V.E.Masek). In 1977 dr.Jalobeanu was invited to participate to the Ars ex Machina exhibition at Kuenstlerhaus in Vienna.

In cooperation with a designer artist (Adriana Dobra) from the research institute on porcelain and ceramic (CERO-Cluj) dr. Jalobeanu elaborated a method for computer graphics decoration of porcelain and ceramic items. Some results were exhibited at the Bucharest International Fair 1979-1980, and in Cluj and Oradea, also. The results were reported as a chapter in the volume 'Mathematical semiotic of the visual arts' published in romanian in 1982 (editor prof.S.Marcus).

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