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Born 1955 in Bratislava. During his secondary school studies Martin Burlas took private piano lessons from Mária Masariková and composition lessons from Juraj Hatrík. From 1975 to 1980 he studied composition with Ján Cikker at the Academy of Music and Drama in Bratislava. From 1980 to 1986 Burlas worked as music director of the Opus Publishing House, and in 1986 he founded the Matthews ensemble, which was later renamed "Matkovia." From 1987 to 1994 he worked as music director at Slovak Radio in Bratislava and was active in Veni Ensemble and the Sleepy Motion and Vitebsk Broken (with Peter Machajdik) ensembles. From 1986 to 1999 worked at Sonicca. In 1999 Burlas co-founded, along with Ľubomír Burgr, Zuzana Piussi and Daniel Salontay, the band Dogma. Since January 2000 he has been employed at the Music Centre in Bratislava and along with Lubo Burgr is co-founder of the Association for Contemporary Opera. Member of Vapori del Cuore. Lives in Bratislava.

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