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The LABoratory for New Media Art was established by F&CCA Prague in 1998. Provided Czech artists working on media and multidisciplinary projects with free access to technologies and technical assistance. Several projects have already emerged from the production carried out in the LAB. Program coordinator: Petr Svárovský until Feb 2000, then Miloš Vojtěchovský.

Established mainly through the means of an Internet and Art grant from the Open Society Institute NY, and the financial support of Silicon Graphics. In 2000 the upgrade of equipment and facilities realised throught the grant from the Daniel Langlois Foundation. Supported also by Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

Projects in 1999[edit]

  • Agon (P. Kofron, I. Bierhanzel, M. Šimácek): digital processing of a composition by M. Šimácek called Patterns
  • Markéta Banková: Map of New York, a project on the Internet inspired by the artist's residency at the International Studio Program, NY, USA
  • Katerina Fojtíková: Brains, video-projection for a ballet performance
  • Michaela Huffsteterová: Cybernetic Theater, a performance project composed of the elements of traditional theater, computer animation and virtual reality
  • Tomáš Liška: Seven, a video clip of the group Colorfactory
  • Jolana Rucharová-Kahounová: Spectators, processing a video recording with the use of digital technology
  • Robert Lang, Miloš Šejn, Miloš Vojtěchovský: preparation of the CD ROM Colorum Naturae Varietas
  • Tomáš Vanek: A Stencil, preparation of stencils for a large-scale wall painting with the use of digital technology
  • Filip Turek: web page design

Program in 2000[edit]

  • Sevdalina Kostadinova (BUL/CR) - SIDES - . SIDES was created using tempera paints over medical scans. The pictures scanned and composed digitally into a 12-minute film suing Adobe Premiere software on a SGI O2 workstation.
  • Michael Delia (USA) - TRAMSTOP. Sound and light installation work that combined sounds and images from the street by means of amplified windows and a camera obscura, presented as part of the Jelení Studio Artists in Residency Program and Jelení Gallery
  • Eric Kluitenberg (de Balie, NL) - Webside story. Workshop and project presentation on the web using text, sound and animation. Eric Kluitenberg is a theoretician and curator in the area of new media from the Netherlands (). The workshop was attended by students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno.
  • Igor Stromajer (SLOVENIA) - Wind - . Two day workshop for students from the department of new media at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts and young artists, focussing on the strategy of art on the Internet, cooperative group design and development of an Internet project from project design up to the technical realization using sound and animation. The final collectively designed and made Internet project was presented at a workshop in Finland in July 2000. Igor Stromajer is a Slovenian Internet artist and performer and director of the non-profit organization Intima Virtual Base, Creative Intimate Lab ().
  • Ira Schneider (GER/USA) -The History of Video Art. A presentation and seminar focussed on several methodological issues in video history and the state of experimental film and video. Ira Schneider (New York, 1938) is one of the pioneers of video art in the USA. His work in the area of video and publications on the History of Early Video art is an important part of art history from the second half of the 20th century.
  • Skip Arnold (USA) - Skip Arnold. Live presentation of video and performance project by the well-known Los Angeles based video art artist, prepared in cooperation with the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno.
  • Sue Mark (USA) - Audio Mapping. Presentation and open discussion of the artists investigative projects developed in the US Western and Eastern Europe over the past few years.
  • Miloš Sejn (CR, Academy of Fine Arts, Prague) - Colorum Naturae Varietas (CD-Rom). Miloš Sejn's production and presentation of multimedia work about relationships between colors, sounds and words that was conceived between 1998-2000. One of the few Czech artistic CD ROMs was a result of a cooperation between the artist, the Center for Metamedia Plasy, the FCCA-Prague and the Center for Culture and Communication C3 in Budapest.
  • Jennifer DeFelice, Miloš Vojtechovsky, Jirí Jiracek, Derek Holzer (CR/USA) - RADIO JELENI - . The radio web-streaming project was developed in cooperation with the networking project and FCCA-Prague to provide domain for non-mainstream media and culture expression and opinions. It was launched as collective work in August, 2000. Using the Internet, listeners can play selected files, search for artists and interact with a series of volunteer DJs through on line chat rooms.
  • Luboš Fidler (GER/CR) - HOME. Postproduction and presentation of an autobiographic CD-ROM (Home).
  • Gyora Glupczinski (Bel) - Circus2000 - . Circus 2000 was developed from an international workshop project that taught school children how work with basic computer animation. A series of drawings were used for the creation of thematic, animated projects on the theme of a virtual circus.
  • Lawrence George Giles (UK) - HAVING BEEN THERE. Production and presentation of new work accompanied by a workshop by the British artist and teacher about the electronic art and software design in English Universities (Director Macromedia, Flash, Quick Time Panorama, etc.). The Intermedia exhibition used photographic works, interactive web page design and sound to record, document, file and preserve imagined and remembered, public and private, memories and spaces.
  • Rasa and Raitis Smits (Riga, Lithuania) – Net Radio to web TV. A workshop focussing on streaming media offering an overview of streaming models, practical instruction in creating sound files, encoding, mixing, and setting up of web cameras. The workshop included a three-day live session of streamed content. Rasa and Raitis Smits are well known media artists affiliated with the in Riga.
  • Strange Gaze (electronic media festival). Expanded cinema – transition of art and audiovisual technology, experimental 8mm a 16mm film – video art - multimedia cinema - CD Rom – image/sound on internet - streaming media. Produced by Media LAB in cooperation with
  • Guy van Belle (BEL) - IVCP WORKSHOP - . A practical hands on guide to creating and using homemade MIDI controllers or interfaces using MAX, MSP (sound) and NATO (visuals) to communicate in real time (prepared in cooperation with the project).
  • Cynthia Cox (USA) – A COLLECTIVE CLEANSING VIDEO SYNOPSIS. A workshop and presentation of the video art and performance work by the New York artist. The tension between the digital sound technology and human voice provided the ground for the study and exploration of thee exponential, seductive expansion of industry and technology, and its continued effects upon our sustaining environment.
  • Marc Eiden (AUS) - IN ONE HOLE AND OUT ANOTHER. Computer animation, video production and post-production. Fictional „true story“ retold by voice in the Prague metro.
  • Joanne Richardson (ROMANIA/USA) - Experiment - Croatian and Hungarian films from 1960 - 1970 - December 20th at the FCCA Prague. Presentation and discussion of the author’s video projection and work on experimental films from Eastern Europe and showing of avant-garde Croatian and Hungarian experimental films from 1960-1970. Joanne Richardson is a philosopher and media theorist from the USA, whose current work focuses on the atmospheric, structural and anti-films from clubs in Zagreb and Split, the Croat avant-garde, poetical and conceptual films from the studio of Bela Balaz from Budapest.

Program in 2001[edit]

  • Video archivy na Balkáně, Joan Richardson (USA), leden

promítání a přednáška o videoart a experimentálním filmu 70, 80, a 90 let ve východní Evropě

  • Cross Border Projects, Ulrika Biener (Švýcarsko), duben

přednáška a video dokumentace o projektu na mexicko amerických hranicích

  • Open Media Archiv – Thomax a Frank Kunkel (Berlín), květen 27.28.30.

praktická dílna pro zájemce o digitální archivy, včetně instalace softwaru na server CNSU. Počet účastníků 10.

  • Obrazy a zvuky s počítačem, červen 5 a 6.

Marko Kosnik – Slovinsko, Ondřej Smeykal, performance a videoprojekce. Prezentace projektů a práce s softwarem NATO 55+0, a Max. počet účastníků: 20

  • Concrete Stream – Image/ine, červen 8 a 9.

Carol Hobson a Lisa Moren (USA), streaming zvuku a obrazu a prezentace prací obou umělkyň a příprava mezinárodního internetového projektu Concrete Stream.

  • Lets Make a Monster, červen 13.

Multimediální performance a přednáška Perry Hobbermana (USA) ve spolupráci s SMSU NG v Praze ve Veletržním Paláci

  • Performance a dílna, Ryuzo Fukuhara, Michael Delia, AUVID, srpen 12.

společné vystoupení japonského, amerického a českých umělců. Prezentace výsledků práce s interaktivní, performance softwarem Image/ine, LiSa, Big Eye

  • Ewa Jacobson (Norsko), srpen 28.

Zvukové performance a instalace. Přednáška a ukázky z tvorby

  • Paul de Marinis (USA), 7.září

Archeologie nových médií, Edisonův Efekt, Messenger a další

  • Living Archives, říjen 5,6,7,8

Ve spolupráci s americkou kurátorkou Chris Hill medialab připravila seminář, jehož cílem bylo projednat problematiku mediaarchivů a možnosti jejich vzájemné propojenosti a přístupnosti materiálů pro umělce i pro širší veřejnost. viz sekce IX spolupráce.

Mezinárodní konference na téma archeologie médií, během symposia byly představeny různé modely, formy kolekcí a databází

Projects in 2001[edit]

  • Alena Kupčíková (AVU), zvuková interaktivní instalace s využitím GPS sítě.
  • Barbora Šedá (AVU), 3D animace, Sny- Labyrint, SGI
  • Jan Mucska (AVU), příprava na interaktivní zvukovou instalaci.
  • Jakub Hradílek – editace video dokumentace o pražské alternativní scéně
  • Martin Blažíček (FAVU) editace dokumentu Český experimentální film 90. let a produkce videopásky.
  • Bohuslav Blažek – produkce a příprava internetového video dokumentu Polořízená Revoluce pro
  • Jiří Janda – zpracování autorské dokumentace pro CD ROM a prezentaci na internetu.
  • Skupina AUVID (AVU a FaVU)Václav Ondroušek, Dušan Kotrlý, Aleš Kilian, Ladislav Železný – práce na alternaci software Image/ine a Big Eye pro interaktivní počítačové preformace pro instalace v Dortmundu a Genku, příprava na interaktivní audio-video instalace pro Artport Nagaya, Japonsko
  • Gyora Glupczynski – internetový projekt pro děti Faxination a animace pro projekt Peter Shlemihl a CD rom DOKUMENTACE ve formě CD romu s grafickým softwarem pro děti. (podpořeno Evropskou kulturní nadaci v Amsterdamu).
  • Angela Forster (Colorado, USA) – internetový projekt a editace videa.
  • vlastní práce Medialabu - příprava materiálů pro videoprojekci pro instalaci současného českého umění v NG (spolupráce s Tomášem Pospiszylem, produkční práce na CD ROMHnízda her a CD rom Audioart)
  • Clive Murphy (Severní Irsko) – příprava projektu pro veřejný prostor
  • Patrick Killoran (USA) - příprava materiálů pro projekt Selfpromotion