Krzysztof Skarbek

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Brought into video art his previous film experiences, and connected video with musical performance and concert. The space of Skarbek's activities is the world of ritual, para-magical behaviours. Vital expression of his works is a vehicle for his previous reflection on reality in its different aspects. The artist's commentary to his tape Nasz pr dki beton-Aront (Our Quick Concrete-Aront) from 1989 - a very important work for the development of the new video art in Poland - shows his position very clearly: "The action is laid in a 'New industrial Village'. People practising their rituals in masks and holy colours accept the severe unapproachable reality they live in. They try to accustom themselves to it by means of magic activities. The film reveals that what effects our senses in extremities i.e. Promethean Struggle, Rebellion, Heroism, Good Humour. CONCRETE structures-modules are like holy statues - ALTARS or the primitive Bush. Secular powers crash together love and prevalence here."

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