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Konrad Becker (1959, Vienna) is a hypermedia researcher and interdisciplinary content developer, Director of the Institute for New Culture Technologies/ t0, Public Netbase/t0 and World-Information.Org, he has been active in electronic media as an artist, writer, composer as well as curator, producer and organizer. Since 1979, numerous intermedia productions, exhibitions, and event designs for international festivals, cultural institutions and electronic media. Publication of media works, electronic audiovisuals and theoretical texts, lectures and positions at various universities and participation in conferences and symposia. He was member of various boards and committees on Information- and Communication Technologies and culture and worked as a consultant.

As a musician Konrad Becker created Monoton, the crucial Austrian electronic music act providing distinguished soundscapes. The Wire (magazine) magazine singled out Monoton’s record "Monotonprodukt07" among the 100 most important records of the 20th century. Konrad Becker has recently focused on notebook live jamming and will trigger audiences with minimalist rigor.

At the borderline between sound art, psychoacoustics and contemporary dance practices, Konrad Becker's project has crossed a variety of genres over the years and has gone through various mutations and side projects. Starting with meta-mathematical and performative multimedia installations, from industrial ambience noise to audio software art and a dance context in the early rave scene he also developed theatrical productions.


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