Katarína Skálová

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Born Prievidza, Slovakia
Lives in Helsinki, Finland

Katarína Skálová (Gatialová) is a cultural manager, curator, artist and graphic designer. She graduated in art history from the Faculty of Arts of Comenius University, Bratislava (MA, Political Poster in Slovakia, 1968-1989, 2009), and in visual communication from the Academy of Fine Arts, Bratislava (BA).

Katarína is also active in climate and social justice movement, she co-founded Tenants' Initiative and cooperates closely with RESET: Platforma pro sociálně-ekologickou transformaci.

From July 2017 till February 2024 Katarína worked at National Film Archive in Prague, first as a department director for non-audiovisual collections, research and information, later as a project manager for applied science, collections' metadata and digital archiving projects.

Katarína worked as head of digitization, new media and IT department of the National Museum in Prague, Czech Republic, from November 2015 till June 2017. Here she dealt with museums' collection data and metadata management, online collection publishing and data aggregation, and the digitization of sound heritage. From 2012-2015 she collaborated with Truc sphérique NGO team in Žilina, Slovakia, as a curator and visual arts programmer at the Plusminusnula gallery, at Nova synagoga and also at Stanica Žilina-Záriečie cultural node, focusing on contemporary and media art. Earlier she worked as a curator of 20th century art at the Olomouc Museum of Art (2010-12) where she launched the Central European Art Database, a project linking digitized collections of the museums and galleries in the Visegrad countries. She was a co-curator of Remake / REthinking Media Art in K(C)ollaborative Environments, an international art project aimed in creation and presentation of new works inspired by the history of media arts (2010-12). Worked also as an editor of Kinečko magazine (2010-2013), where she wrote about media arts, a collaborator of the 13m3 initiative (2007-2011) and a co-organizer of Multiplace festival (2008-2015). She was also a co-founder and curator of Vitrína Deniska gallery in Olomouc.

As an artist Katarína performs solo under the monicker Jano Doe. She founded the bastl duo The Receivers, performing site-specific acts with radio scanners, software-defined radio and DIY modular synthesizer. Katarína is also a member of noise music groups Inocenc, Augiášův sonický chlév and of the Prague-based live-coding open group Kolektiv.

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