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Karol Hiller (1891, Łódź - Lućmierz Forest near Łódź, 1939, executed) was a Polish painter, graphic artists, photographer, and art critic. He was a representative of the Constructivist movement in the 1920s and organic abstract art in the 1930s.

Hiller is a creator of the heliographic technique. Devised in 1928, his method consisted of creating abstract compositions using tempera paints and gouaches on glass plates or celluloid film and printing the results on photographic paper. In some cases the artist engraved and scratched the base material and overlaid or rubbed paint into the resulting textures. In these works the artist juxtaposed hard forms with soft ones, artificial objects with organic forms, the monumental with the microscopic, large planes with minute fragments. He created strange constellations reminiscent of cosmic nebulae. In the 1930s he abandoned flat, Constructivist geometry to create abstract compositions with biological forms.



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