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Although barely known outside Poland, Jerzy Bossak (1910-89) was one of the key figures in the development of Polish cinema, especially in the immediate postwar period when the industry was getting back on its feet after a near-total shutdown during World War II. 1929-1935 member of the Society for the Promotion of Film Art society. Escapes to the Soviet Union and works closely with Ford to establish a film unit for the Soviet-sponsored People's Army of Poland in the USSR, entitled Czołówka Filmowa Ludowego Wojska Polskiego (or simply Czołówka; spearhead), headed by Ford and Stanislaw Wohl, since 1944 they make the regular Polish Film Journals newsreels under Bossak's direction; 1943-45 makes a series of documentaries. From 1946, he continued to promote these ideals as editor of the magazine Film, was one of the first teachers at the Łódź Film School on its foundation in 1948, and would later become head of Poland’s documentary unit (WFD) while also running Kamera, one of the main Polish state-funded film units - while somehow finding time to become one of Poland’s pioneering documentary-makers.

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