Eugeniusz Cękalski

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Filmmaker. Born 1906 in Saratov, Russia. 1918 his father dies, he moves with his mother and sisters to Krasnystaw, where he attends a high school. 1920-25 państwowa szkola średna in Warsaw. Since 1926 studies philology at the University of Warsaw, and at the same time enrolls in the Alexander Zelwerowicz Theatre School, but doesn't finish the studies due to financial difficulties. Works as a tutor, translator, journalist ("Kwadryga"). 1929 co-founds Start society, its main theoretician. 1930 makes the first Polish sound film. Member of SAF film co-operative. Writes theoretical articles. 1939 film on Goebels' propaganda. 1940 fleeds to France, director of the the Film Bureau of the Government of the Republic of Poland in Exile, later UK and USA. 1946 returns to Poland, works as a teacher. 1948-52 the first dean of the film faculty PWSF in Lodz. Books: ABC taśmy filmowej, Jak powstaje film, Warsztat reżysera filmowego, Realizacja filmu. Dies 1952 in Prague.

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