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Digital laboratory of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (DigiLab AVU v Praze) is a journalistic, educational and technological centre for information and audiovisual technologies. Since 2001 it has provided its students and employees consultations and necessary support concerning these problems. Simultaneously, DigiLab promotes education of software for accredited fields of study at AVU and participates in the process and creation of educational tutorials, Open source applications (vyuka.avu.cz).

The youngest DigiLab´s activity is organization of lectures, conferences and discussions with artists, curators and theoreticians in the area of open source, law, media, sociology and philosophy. The program is broadcasted on-line and archivized on the laboratory portal.

The most visible DigiLab´s project is Artyčok.TV independent internet HD television.

DigiLab AVU has a seat in the central building of AVU.

Staff: František Zachoval, Ivan Svoboda, Jan Vidlička, Jan Habrman.