Dóra Hegyi

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Dóra Hegyi is an art historian, curator and critic based in Budapest. She organises exhibitions and events in institutional and non-institutional contexts. Between 1996 and 2003 she worked as a curator at the Ludwig Museum Budapest, where she initiated the project room in 1999. She has been the director of tranzit.hu since 2005. She is an initiator, curator and editor of exhibitions, educational, research and publishing projects that consider art as a field of critical debate, capable of mediating between different fields and disciplines and acting as a catalyst for change.

As a member of tranzit.org, she co-curated Manifesta 8 in Murcia/Spain in 2010 and Report on the Construction of a Spaceship Module at the New Museum in New York in 2014, among other projects. She was curator of Periferic 8 in Iaşi/Romania in 2008, co-curator and co-editor of the exhibition and online archive Parallel Chronologies (2009-), and co-curator and co-editor of the exhibition series and book Creativity Exercises: Emancipatory Pedagogies in Art and Beyond in Leipzig, Budapest and Warsaw (2014-2019). She edited War of Memories (tranzit.hu, 2015) and curated the exhibition Imagining Conceptual Art (2017). She was also co-curator and co-editor of the exhibition and book 1971- Parallel Nonsynchronism (2018-2019) and supervised the community initiative Space of Opportunities (2019-). (2022)