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Cyber-Femin-Club [Кибер-Фемин-Клуб] is St. Petersburg’s first feminist art organization, established by Irina Aktuganova and Alla Mitrofanova in 1995 as a Gallery 21 filial. Cyber-Femin-Club carried out Russia’s first international feminist conferences and round tables, thematic exhibitions, performances, concerts, media projects, and educational initiatives. The club’s activity was based on the intersection of artistic and social practices. It also was one of the pioneering organizations to realize participatory projects and engage various communities in its work. Archival documents dedicated to Cyber-Femin-Club include a selection of press materials covering the events run by the club, as well as booklets and thematic publications. Photo and video materials, including documentation of events and particular artworks, form a separate block of the archive. (Source) The ideological basis of CFC was the understanding of technologies as the metaphor of modernity. The club's post-feminist position insists on plural and procedural identity. The organizers and activists of the club: Irina Aktuganova, Alla Mitrofanova, Lena Ivanova, Olga Suslova, Olga Levina, since 1996 Natalia Pershina, Olga Egorova.


Founding of Cyber-Femin-Club after meeting with VNS MATRIX group at ISEA 94.

Stubnitz. Art-Space-Ship. A large-scale international project of media art, which, in the opinion of the radical art community, began the era of new media art in St. Petersburg. Curators A. Mitrofanova (St. Petersburg, Gallery 21, organization "A-Z") and Armen Medosh (Rostock, Vienna)

1995 -1996

Theoretical workshop on Virtual Anatomy issues: "Bodily and virtual" (A. Mitrofanova), Gender of nature, nature of gender (O. Lipovskaya), Theory of the media body (O. Turkina)

International Workshops of New Media: Man in a Virtual Environment (M. Kuznetsov, Moscow), Hypertext Architecture (O. Filyuk, V. Mogilevsky, K. Rubansky), Poetic Machines (Vasya Kondratyev)

Exhibitions, performances: N. Pershina, O. Egorova FRIENDS (exhibition-auction, performance). A.Alchuk GIRL TOY photo project A.Alchuk, G.Kiesewalter DOUBLE GAME (photo project) TRAVELING ITEMS SHOP. Presentation of the project by N. Pershina and O. Egorova. Sanya Ivekovic (Croatia), FROZEN IMAGES, projection. Within the framework of the International Electronic Festival THIRD REALITY.

Cyberfeminist journal Virtual Anatomy. Main theme: exploration of the differences in the concepts of corporeality. The former address

VNS MATRIX traveling seminar (Franceska da Rimini, Australia). Club Port, St.Petersburg

Participation in the N5M Tactical Media Festival in Rotterdam, NL.

Electronic page of the 4th St. Petersburg Biennale. -Teleconferencing with a V-2 organization's network. -Faces in St. Petersburg and the creation of a transgeographic network cyberfeminist community. Joint meeting of russian and austrian cyberfeminists. - CD-Rom Presentations by Ann Hamilton (USA)


The period of ideological cyberfeminism.

Digital body and cyberfeminism. Internet videoconference between media philosophers of St. Petersburg and New York. St.Petersburg Internet Cafe Tetris- New York Institute of Technology.

Post-Informational Utopia. Gallery 21 / Cyber-Femin-Club Electronic Project at V-2 Organization, Rotterdam.

Participation in the Beauty and the East, Ljubljana, Slovenia, May 1997.

Participation in the Cyberfeminist International Conference. DOCUMENTA X, Kassel, Germany.

Participation in the Cyberfeminist International 2. Graz, Austria.


The period of educational, social and political projects.

Cyberfeminist International Conference CYBERFEMINISM IN THE EAST AND IN THE WEST(St. Petersburg, Russia)

Festival "Theory and Artistic Practice of Cyberfeminism", Gallery21. St. Petersburg, Russia.

Internet Center for Women. Consultations for women's non-profit organizations on the creation of www-pages, seminars on working on the INTERNET, work on their own media projects (web designer Elena Ivanova) - What information can be found on the Internet. Seminar Aktuganova I. - Women's information and cultural resources on the Internet. Lecture by O. Suslova. - Cyberfeminist Planning: Feminist Socio-Cultural Strategies on the Internet. Seminar for women's organizations. - Alla Mitrofanova's lecture "Women's Cultural Activism on the Internet: Basic Terms and Concepts of Cyberfeminism". - Teleconference with XX-studio, Montreal. - How to organize Internet radio. Semina and workshop. Moderators - Suzanne Connerd (Canada), Kostya Mitenev (St. Petersburg)


Bettina Mayer (Dusseldorf, Metamorphoses of the Body. Multimedia project. Lena Kovylina (Moscow), Visiting a fairy tale. Multimedia project.


Public workshops.Topics: mailing lists, teleconferences, Internet lectures.

Program Women in New Media : - Marie Lucier, USA, artist talk, video screening. - PORTRETS. A series of exhibitions curated by Olga Egorova: Katya Andreeva's Favorite Things, Letters to Bella, Fears of Olga Tobreluts

Exhibition: The Boundaries of Gender (in collaboration with the Center for Contemporary Women's Art (Moscow), participants: A. Alchuk, I. Gorlova, T. Antoshina, N. Kamenetskaya, T. Lieberman, A. Salakhova, O. Tobreluts, B. Matveeva, V. Buivid and others.


CD-Rom presentation “From Neo-Academicism to Cyberfeminism. Petersburg Contemporary Art at the turn of the Millennium ". Helsinki-2000 - the cultural capital of Europe.


Experimental women's music program “Your own voice”: Polina Runovskaya, Ivanova band, Evelina Petrova, Olga Komok, Ekaterina Fedorova, Elena Antonenko, Maya Archipenko, Maria Grigorieva, Sofia Petrova, Fear will go away band.

2002 - 2006

Course of Practical independence for women "Do it yourself". A series of workshops for women on mastering the practical skills of repairing computers, household appliances, cars, etc.(Source)


Festival “Youth in the mirror of feminism. Feminism is about love! " (exhibitions, film and video screenings, round tables, concerts and performances) Presentetions by young St. Petersburg artists Masha Sha, Inna Pozina, Maria Kulak, Vera Svetlova. Artistic Association "Z and B" (Novosibirsk) Curators D. Pilikin, I. Aktuganova Performances by Natalia Pershina's Found Clothes Factory. Inner beauty contest. Curators Natalia Pershina and Irina Aktuganova. Display of video materials: ethno-cultural section, literary section, philosophical section, section of visual cultures and mass media.