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Pablo Picasso, Les Demoiselles d'Avignon, Jun-Jul 1907. Oil on canvas. 243.9 x 233.7 cm. MoMA. See Steinberg 1988.
Pablo Picasso, photographic composition with Construction with Guitar Player and Violin, cJan-Mar 1913.
Jacket for the catalogue Cubism and Abstract Art, 1936, with a chart of modernist art history by Alfred H. Barr, Jr.

A resource on Cubism, focusing on the movement in France, Czechoslovakia (Czech Cubism and Cubo-Expressionism) and Russia (Cubo-Futurism).

The page contains a selection of works, links to works of 12 selected artists in museum collections online, overview of major exhibitions and catalogues, artists' writings, associated journals, and historical studies and analyses.

First published 25 March 2016, revised 27-29 March 2016.

Works (selection)[edit]

Czech Cubism, Cubo-Expressionism


Works of individual artists in museum collections online (see panels on the right):

Cubism sections in museum collections online: US Lauder/Met, Guggenheim. UK Tate. CZ Czech Cubism M Prague.

Cubo-Futurism sections in museum collections online: GR Costakis.

List of museums holding cubist works (on

Index of historic collectors of cubism, Leonard A. Lauder Research Center at Metropolitan Museum.


Exhibition catalogues[edit]

Some of the catalogues are available online, follow links in captions.


Salon d'Automne X, Paris, Oct 1912. Joseph Csaky, Groupe de femmes, sculpture front the left; Amedeo Modigliani, sculptures behind that of Csaky; paintings by František Kupka, Amorpha, Fugue in Two Colors; Francis Picabia, The Spring; Jean Metzinger, Dancer in a café; and Henri Le Fauconnier, Mountaineers Attacked by Bears.
Raymond Duchamp-Villon, André Mare, et al, La Maison cubiste [Cubist House] at Salon d'Automne, Paris, Oct 1912. Jean Metzinger's Femme à l'Éventail can be seen on the left wall; reflected in the mirror, Fernand Léger's Le passage à niveau. Towards the center-left is a portrait of a woman by Marie Laurencin. Detail of the entrance.
The Cubist room at the Chicago Armory Show. Gallery 53 (northeast view), Art Institute of Chicago, Mar 1913.
Installation view of the first exhibition of Group of Plastic Artists, Prague, Jan 1912.
Installation view of the first exhibition of Group of Plastic Artists, Prague, Jan 1912.
  • Between Feb 1907 and 1914, Kahnweiler Gallery presented rotating selections of work by Georges Braque, André Derain, Pablo Picasso, Maurice de Vlaminck, and other artists. Notable exhibitions include those of Kees van Dongen (Mar 1908), Georges Braque (Nov 1908, with works he made in L’Estaque; Catalogue (PDF), with text by Apollinaire), Picasso (1909), and Derain (1909).
  • Salon des Indépendants XXVI, Paris, 18 Mar-1 May 1910. Works by Delaunay, Duchamp, Duchamp-Villon, Le Fauconnier, Gleizes, Léger, Lhote, Metzinger, Archipenko (5 sculptures: Vendangeurs, Les Grenades, Groupe, Portrait de Mlle S…, Figure en Bois, 1 painting). Catalogue (Gallica).
  • Salle 41 at Salon des Indépendants XXVII, Quai d'Orsay, Paris, 21 Apr-13 Jun 1911. First organised Cubist exhibition. Works by the Cubists of Montparnasse and Puteaux: Metzinger, Delaunay (Eiffel Tower), Le Fauconnier (L'Abondance), Gleizes (landscapes, Male Nude, Woman with Phlox), Léger (Nudes in the Forest), Laurencin (Portrait of Mme. Fernande X, Young Girls), Duchamp, Picabia, La Fresnaye, Reth, Archipenko (6 sculptures: Nu, Salome Danse, L’Eve Nouvelle, Tête de Femme, Femme, Fragment).
  • Indépendants de Bruxelles, VIII Salon annuel du Cercle d'art Les Indépendants, Musée moderne de Bruxelles, 10 Jun-3 Jul 1911. Works by Archipenko, Delaunay, Glezies, Le Fauconnier, Léger, a.o. Catalogue text by Apollinaire.
  • Salon d'Automne IX, Paris, 1 Oct-8 Nov 1911. Works by Gleizes (Hunting, Portrait of Jacques Nayral), Metzinger (Tea Time (Woman with a Teaspoon)), Le Fauconnier, Léger, La Fresnaye, Lhote, Duchamp-Villon, Duchamp, Villon, Kupka, Picabia, Laurencin, Csaky, Archipenko. NYT report (PDF).
  • Exposition d'art contemporain, Galerie d'Art Ancien et d'Art Contemporain, Paris, 20 Nov-16 Dec 1911. Third exhibition of the Société normande de peinture moderne. Works by Gleizes, Metzinger, Léger, Picabia, Le Fauconnier, Le Fresnaye, Lhote, the Duchamps, Dumont, Tobeen, Archipenko, Laurencin, a.o. [1]. Catalogue text by René Blum; English trans. appeared in A Cubism Reader (2008). Referred to by critics as an exposition des fauves et cubistes.
  • Exposició d'art cubista, Galeries J. Dalmau, Barcelona, 20 Apr-10 May 1912. Works by Agero, Duchamp, Gleizes, Gris, Laurencin, Le Fauconnier, Leger, Metzinger. Catalogue text by Jacques Nayral [pseud. of Jacques Huot] was reprinted in La Veu de Catalunya, Barcelona, 18 Apr 1912; English trans. appeared in A Cubism Reader (2008). Response (PDF). [2] [3]
  • Salon de Juin, Salle du skating, Rouen, 15 Jun-15 Jul 1912. Fourth exhibition of the Société normande de peinture moderne. Works by Picabia (Tarentelle, Port de Naples, Paysage), Gleizes (5), Dumont (2), Lhote (3), Léger (2), Gris (3), Villon (6), La Fresnaye (2), Tobeen (3) [4]. Catalogue texts by Élie Faure and Maurice Raynal; English trans. appeared in A Cubism Reader (2008). During the exhibition, on 23 Jun, a paper was presented by Apollinaire, entitled Le sublime modern; on 7 Jul the art critic Maurice Raynal gave a lecture on Cubism.
  • Salon des Indépendants XXVIII, Paris, 20 Mar-16 May 1912. Works by Delaunay, Duchamp, Gleizes, Gris, La Fresnaye, Laurencin, Le Fauconnier, Léger, Lhote, Mondrian, Reth, Archipenko (3 sculptures: Venus, Negresse, Femme et Fille), Rivera.
  • Salon d'Automne X, Paris, 1 Oct-8 Nov 1912. Works by Archipenko, Csaky (Groupe de trois femmes, Groupe de trois personnages), Duchamp, Duchamp-Villon, Gleizes, Kupka (Amorpha, Fugue à deux couleurs), La Fresnaye, Laurencin, Le Fauconnier (Les Montagnards attaqués par des ours), Léger, Lhote, Marcoussis, Metzinger (Danseuse au café), Picabia (La Source), Villon.
  • Salon de la Section d'or, Galerie La Boëtie, Paris, 10-30 Oct 1912. 180 works by 31 artists, incl. the Duchamp brothers, Braque, Picasso, Gris, Léger, Picabia, Kupka, Delaunay, Gleizes, Metzinger, Marcoussis, La Fresnaye, Lhôte, Archipenko [5], a.o. Catalogue (PDF), with text by René Blum; English trans. appeared in A Cubism Reader (2008). Exhibition journal, ed. Reverdy (PDF).
  • Armory Show, 69th Regiment Armory, New York, 17 Feb-15 Mar 1913; Art Institute of Chicago, 24 Mar-16 Apr 1913; The Copley Society of Art, Boston. The major US exhibition is an occasion for Picasso, Braque and Duchamp to introduce their work to the American public. New York catalogue (IA). Chicago catalogue (PDF). Press clippings (JPGs).
Czech Cubism, Cubo-Expressionism
  • Umělecká výstava (JUV, SVU Mánes, Skupina výtvarných umělců), Obecní dům, Prague, 5 Jan-1 Mar 1912. Works by J. Gočár, V. Hofman, J. Chochol, P. Janák, J. Rosipal, O. Gutfreund, V. H. Brunner, L. Šíma, V. Špála, F. Kysela, J. Čapek, V. Beneš, Z. Kratochvíl, E. Filla, A. Procházka.
  • II. výstava Skupiny výtvarných umělců. Praha. Obrazy - plastika - grafika - architektura - umělecký průmysl - nábytkové interieury Pražských uměleckých dílen, Obecní dům, Praha, Sep-Nov 1912. Works by V. Beneš, J. Čapek, A. Derain, F. Feigl, E. Filla, O. Friesz, J. Gočár, O. Gutfreund, E. Heckel, V. Hofman, J. Chochol, P. Janák, E. L. Kirchner, Z. Kratochvíl, O. Müller, W. Nowak, A. Procházka, K. Schmidt-Rottluff, L. Šíma, V. Špála.
  • Výstava Skupiny výtvarných umělců, Salon Goltz, Munich, 5-10 Apr 1913. Works by V. Beneš, E. Filla, A. Procházka, O. Gutfreund, J. Gočár, P. Janák.
  • Skupina výtvarných umělců. III. výstava, Obecní dům, Prague, May-Jun 1913. Works by A. Derain, G. Braque, P. Picasso, J. Gris, A. Soffici, P. Cézanne.
  • Achtzehnte Ausstelung: Skupina-Prag: Emil Filla, Vincenc Benes, A. Prochazka, Otto Gutfreund, Gocar, Janak, Galerie Der Sturm, Berlin, Oct 1913.
  • Skupina výtvarných umělců. IV. výstava, Obecní dům, Prague, Feb-Mar 1914. Works by V. Beneš, G. Braque, A. Derain, E. Filla, J. Gočár, O. Gutfreund, P. Janák, Z. Kratochvíl, E. Munch, O. Nejedlý, M. Pechstein, P. Picasso, A. Procházka.
  • Tramway V (Трамвай В), "First Futurist Exhibition of Paintings", Petrograd, 3 Mar-Apr 1915. Works by Olga Rozanova, Ivan Puni, Kazimir Malevich, Vladimir Tatlin, Lyubov Popova, Alexei Morgounov, Ivan Kliun, Nadezhda Udaltsova, Alexandra Exter. [6]
  • 0,10, "Last Futurist Exhibition of Paintings", Dobychina Gallery, Petrograd, 19 Dec 1915-17 Jan 1916. Works by Kazimir Malevich, Vladimir Tatlin, Ivan Puni, Liubov Popova, Ivan Kliun, Ksenia Boguslavskaya, Olga Rozanova, Nadezhda Udaltsova, Nathan Altman, Vasily Kamensky, Vera Pestel, Maria Ivanovna Vasilieva, Anna Michailovna Kirillova, Mikhail Menkov.


Listing of catalogues.

  • Albert H. Barr, Jr., Cubism and Abstract Art: Painting, Sculpture, Constructions, Photography, Architecture, Industrial Art, Theatre, Films, Posters, Typography, New York: Museum of Modern Art, 1936, 249 pp; repr., New York: Arno Press, 1966; repr., New York: MoMA, 1974; repr., Harvard University Press, 1986. Exh. held 2 Mar-19 Apr 1936. (English)
  • Le Cubisme, 1911-18: Braque, Delaunay, De la Fresnaye, Gleizes, Gris, Herbin, Leger, Lhote, Marcoussis, Metzinger, Picasso, Villon, Paris: Galerie de France, 1945, 33+[12] pp. Exh. held 25 May-30 Jun 1945. (French)
  • Le Cubisme, 1907-1914, pref. Jean Cassou, ed. Gabrielle Vienne, Paris: Musée National d'Art Moderne, 1953, 63+[48] pp. With chronology by Bernard Dorival. Exh. held 30 Jan-9 Apr 1953. (French)
  • Les Cubistes, eds. Gilberte Martin-Méry and Jacques Lassaigne, pref. Jean Cassou, Bordeaux: Galerie des beaux-arts, and Paris: Musée National d'Art Moderne, 1973, xviii+106 pp. Exh. held in Bordeaux 4 May-1 Sep 1973. [7] (French)
  • The Planar Dimension: Europe, 1912-1932, ed. Margit Rowell, New York: Guggenheim Museum, 1979, 159 pp. Exh. held 9 Mar-6 May 1979. (English)
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  • Kubismus: Künstler, Themen, Werke, 1907–1920, ed. Siegfried Gohr, Cologne: Josef-Haubrich-Kunsthalle, 1982, 263 pp. Exh. held 26 May-25 Jul 1982. (German)
  • The Essential Cubism, 1907–1920: Braque, Picasso and their Friends, eds. Douglas Cooper and Gary Tinterow, London: Tate, 1983, 448 pp. (English)
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  • Cubisme / Kubyzm / Kubismus: ein künstlerischer Aufbruch in Europa, 1906-1926 / Khudozhestvennyy proryv Evropy, 1906-1926, eds. Patricia Drück and Tatjana Michijenko, with Maria Chilova, Götz Darsow and Mirka Zatloukal, Hannover: Sprengel Museum, and Moscow: Tretyakov Gallery, 2003, 271 pp. Exh. held 18 May-3 Aug 2003 (Hannover) and 4 Sep-23 Nov 2003 (Moscow). [9] (German)/(Russian)
  • William Wauer und der Berliner Kubismus: die plastischen Künste um 1920, ed. Marc Wellmann, Cologne: Wienand, 2011, 192 pp. Exh. held at the Georg-Kolbe-Museum, Berlin, 10 Apr-18 Jun 2011; Edwin-Scharf-Museum Neu-Ulm, 3 Sep 2011-15 Jan 2012. [10] (German)
  • Cubism: The Leonard A. Lauder Collection, eds. Emily Braun and Rebecca Rabinow, New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2014, x+381 pp. Exh. held 20 Oct 2014-16 Feb 2015. [11] [12] (English)
Czech Cubism, Cubo-Expressionism
  • Paris Prague, 1906-1930: les Braque et Picasso et leurs contemporains tchèques, Paris: Musée national d'art moderne, 1966. Exh. held 17 Mar-17 Apr 1966. (French)
  • Cubist Art From Czechoslovakia, London: Arts Council, 1967, 64 pp. Exh. held at Tate Gallery, London, 15 Sep-29 Oct 1967; Palais des beaux-arts, Brussels, 10 Nov-27 Dec 1967; Museum Boymansvan Beuningen, Rotterdam, 10 Jan-3 Mar 1968. (English)
    • Cubisme à Prague et la collection Kramář / Het Cubisme te Praag en de verzameling Kramár, Brussels, 1967, 93 pp. (French)/(Dutch)
  • Gutfreund i češki kubizam, Belgrade: Muzej savremene umetnosti, 1971, [72] pp. Exh. held Oct-Nov 1971. (Serbo-Croatian)
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Artists' writings, statements and correspondence[edit]

Arranged by the date of first publication of each artist. In French unless noted otherwise.


  • "La feerie", Ile Sonnante (Apr 1910), p 152.
    • trans., in A Cubism Reader, 2008. (English)
  • "Note sur la peinture", Pan (Oct-Nov 1910), pp 49-52.
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  • "Cubisme et tradition", Paris-Journal, 18 Aug 1911, p 5.
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  • "Alexandre Mercereau", Vers et Prose (Oct-Dec 1911), pp 122-129.
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  • with Gleizes, Du cubisme, 1912. See below.
  • "Kubistická technika", Volné směry 12, [Prague], 1913, pp 279-292. (Czech)
    • trans., in A Cubism Reader, 2008. (English)

Le Fauconnier[edit]

  • "Das Kunstwerk", in Neue Kunstlervereinigung, München, II Ausstellung, Munich: Moderne Galerie Thannhauser, Sep 1910. Translated from the French "L'oeuvre d'art". (German)
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de la Fresnaye[edit]

  • "De l’imitation dans la peinture et la sculpture", La Grande Revue (10 Jul 1913), pp 316-325.
    • trans., in A Cubism Reader, 2008. (English)


  • "L'Architecture et le fer", Poème et Drame (Jan-Mar 1914), pp 22–29.
    • trans., in A Cubism Reader, 2008. (English)




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