Constantin Flondor

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Constantin Flondor, Iosif Király, and Doru Tulcan, Contact — Trans Idea, 1982. Performance view, Timişoara, black-and-white photograph.
Flondor, de la "111" + "Sigma" la "Prolog", 2005.

Constantin Flondor (16 December 1936, Cernăuţi, Northern Bucovina) is an artist and a founding member of the groups 1+1+1 (1966-1969), Sigma (1969-1981) and Prolog (since 1985). Director and co-founder of a progressive educational program adopted within the Art Lycée in Timișoara between 1969-1975. Visiting professor at the Beratzhausen summer schools in Germany (since 1993). Both his solo works and collaborative projects were markedly influenced by constructivism and rooted in algorithm, so that each element of a work was also a data bit. Flondor was also interested in how his para-architectural forms react in response to their surroundings.


Solo (selection)
  • Barabas Villa, Budapest, 2007
  • Catacomba Gallery, Bucharest, 1999
  • Düsseldorf, 1998
Group (selection)
  • Gallerie Tajan, Paris, 2009
  • Mücsarnok Art Gallery, Budapest, 1998
  • Richard Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh, 1971


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  • Constantin Flondor. Privirea care rescrie spatiul / The Gaze that Rewrites Space, eds. Alina Şerban and Ştefania Ferchedău, Bucharest: Institute of the Present, 2017. Publisher. (Romanian)/(English)
  • Constantin Flondor. Când ochiul atinge norul / When Eye Touches Cloud, ed. Alina Șerban, Bucharest: P+4 Publications / Institute of the Present, 2021, 512 pp. Publisher. (Romanian)/(English)