Congress of the Constructivists and Dadaists

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From top to bottom and from left to right:
1st row: Lucia Moholy, Alfréd Kemény, László Moholy-Nagy.
2nd row: Lotte Burchartz, El Lissitzky (with pipe and cap), Cornelis van Eesteren, Bernhard Sturtzkopf.
3rd row: Max Burchartz (with child on his shoulders), Harry Scheibe, Theo van Doesburg (with paper hat), Hans Vogel, Peter Röhl.
4th row: Alexa Röhl (in all black), Nelly van Doesburg, Tristan Tzara, Nini Smit, Hans Arp.
5th row: Werner Graeff and Hans Richter (on ground).
Note: "Nini Smit" close to Hans Arp is Sophie Taeuber (who would marry Arp on 20 October 1922).
(left to right) - Upper row: Max and Lotte Burchartz, Peter Röhl, Vogel, Lucia and László Moholy-Nagy, Alfred Kemeny.
Middle row: Alexa Röhl, El Lissitzky, Nelly and Theo van Doesburg, Sturtzkopf.
Lower row: Werner Graeff, Nini Smit, Harry Scheibe, Cornelis van Eesteren, Hans Richter, Tristan Tzara, Hans Arp.
Werner Graeff, Mrs. Roehl, Peter Roehl, Theo van Doesburg, Cornelius van Eesteren, Nelly van Doesburg, Hans Richter, Mrs. Burchartz, Max Burchartz, Hans Arp, Kurt Schwitters. [1]

Congress of the Constructivists and Dadaists [Congrès des constructivistes et des dadaïstes à Weimar] was held in Weimar on 25-26 September 1922.