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Branko Vučićević (7 Jul 1934, Belgrade - 18 Jan 2016, Belgrade) was an author, film critic, translator and screenwriter. He wrote the screenplay for the Yugoslavian productions Rani radovi (Early Work; 1969, with Želimir Žilnik), Splav Meduze (Medusa Raft; 1980) and Veštački raj (Artificial Paradise; 1990), which was awarded the Golden Bear. In addition, Vučićević is the author of various publications on film and art, such as Avangardni film 1895-1939 (Avantgarde Film 1895-1939; 2 vols., 1984 and 1990), Imitacija života (Imitation of Life; 1992), Paper Movies (1998) and Srpske lepe umetnosti (Serbian Fine Arts; 2007) [1] [2].


Vučićević referred to himself as a kind of “sleeping member” of Fluxus. He contacted Maciunas after he had seen the Fluxus edition of the Tulane Drama Review and received a response from Maciunas, who enclosed various Fluxus boxes and printed matter, also calling upon Vučićević to send him works for publication. Vučićević answered negatively: “My work is very modest (I do not pretend that its basic idea is original: it is traceable to Hugo Ball and certain German Dadaists): it consists of actions performed in everyday life which should remain anonymous, nonrepeatable and notrecorded (in texts, pictures etc.) and which may, or may not, lead to certain effects or chains of effects. As you see, by their nature they are not suitable for inclusion in Fluxus publications & manifestations.” (Letter dated 8th July 1966). Despite this refusal, Vučićević made an effort to disseminate Fluxus in his own circles, translating manifestos, letters and plays, which appeared in the magazine Rok published by Bora Ćosić. In addition, he wrote a pamphlet on LEF and Fluxus.

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