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Artterror art association was founded in 1989 by visual artist and journalist Milica Lapčević and film producer and editor Vladimir Šojat. The work of this art association on joint projects is based on the principle of an independent, open platform of multidisciplinary experimentation, in searching for various conceptual and compositional solutions to a (moving) picture. Most of their video-works are based on poetic and performance recordings, often with the authors themselves as performers, with visual and symbolic consideration of controversial social and philosophical questions. Authors introduce engaged, critical and ironical ways of approaching the topics, as well as reflexive contemplation of shared creative and personal relationship. Other referent topics in the artterror creation are the relation to the past (totalitarianism), connection with avant-garde movements, editing procedures (avant-garde matrix), as well as connections with film, music, and finally poetry and various physical representations.

Besides several video installations, over the course of three decades, artterror presented their work at a large number of festivals and exhibitions at home and abroad: Stockholm, Goteborg, New York, Paris, Dessau, Florence, London, Sofia, Athens, Thessaloniki, Vigo, Ljubljana, Novi Sad, Belgrade, Vršac, Podgorica, Clermont-Ferrand, Moscow, Cologne, Oslo, Wroclaw, San Francisco, Pasadena and Bergen. Video “Chromo-zones” received the prestigious “Sphinx” award at the “Videomedeja” festival in Novi Sad. Paintings and video-works are part of the collections in Brussels, Stockholm and Malmo, STV 2 - Stockholm, Sweden, as well as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade.

Retrospectives of the artterror production have been held at the Museum of Yugoslav Cinematheque Belgrade, SKC Belgrade, as well as the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina in Novi Sad. In 1997, 1998, 1999, 2003, 2007 and 2017 short experimental films and video works have been presented at the Festival of documentary, short, animated and experimental film in Belgrade. The art venues where works from the artterror production have been shown are, among others, PS.1 The Kitchen (New York), Moderna Museet (Stockholm), Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris), Bauhaus (Dessau), WRO (Wroclaw), City Gallery (Ljubljana), Fylkingen (Stockholm), Stazione Leopolda (Florence), Landmark (Bergen), Vue Leicester Square (London), Pasadena Museum of American Art (Pasadena), ICA (San Francisco) and others.

Best known titles of video, short and experimental works of the artterror association are: “Shadows look very different today”, ”Platstadt”, ”Death of Mrs. Lenine”, ”Fiskarens drom om rikedom”, ”Angel of tomorrow”, ”Faces of love”, ”Mechanique folie”, ”Bus stop to heaven”, ”Movements maritimes”, ”St. Famine”, “Twinkle twinkle little star”, “How… (history of the world: confusion)”, “Alter peace (native)”, ”Chromo-zones”, “H-eaven”,”Away from home”…

Milica Lapčević, born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Studied at the University of Bergen, Norway (art history), Faculty of Philology in Belgrade (Department of English studies), she graduated at the Faculty of Fine Arts (painting). She attended post-graduate studies at the Royal Academy (Kongl. Konsthogskolan), Stockholm, Sweden, at the Department of Video and new media. She is one of the founders and member of the independent art association artterror film & video from 1989. Member of ULUS. She was the author and editor of radio programs about culture on RTV Studio B from 2001. Her work includes photography, film, video, installations and broader media, art criticism, essays and poetry.

Vladimir Šojat, born in Zemun, Yugoslavia. Graduated at Faculty of Film, Television and Dramatic Arts, Belgrade, at the Department of Film and TV Editing. He received the student award “Slavko Vorkapić”. He attended postgraduate studies at the same Faculty. Member of UFUTVS since 1988, and DOK Serbia since 2016. Founder and member of the independent art association artterror film & video from 1989. He worked as an editor and member of promotional team at RTV B92 since 2001. He is the founder of the Frakcija Production house, since 2015. He lectures and writes about theory and history of film.

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