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Ana Vilenica is an urban researcher and art theoretician. She is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow for the ERC project 'Inhabiting Radical Housing' at the Polytechnic of Turin's Inter-university Department of Regional & Urban Studies and Planning (DIST) and a member of the Beyond Inhabitation Lab. She is currently working on setting up a new agenda for research on transnational organising in and beyond radical housing struggles.

She holds a PhD from the University of Arts in Belgrade, where she defended her thesis in Theory of Art and Media entitled “Theory and practice of activism in art in second half of XX century”. Ana Vilenica spent two years working at Academy of Arts in Novi Sad (2012-2014), where she researched the role of art and culture in urban regeneration in Serbia and the impact of regenerative art on the neo-colonial modernisation of the so-called periphery of Europe. She was a post-doctoral Marie Curie Research Fellow at School of Arts and Creative Industries, London South Bank University (2016-2018), where she has been working on a project tackling issues around role of art in so-called housing crises based on case studies in London and in Belgrade.

She contributes regularly to journals, books and online portals. She edited the books Postajanje majkom u vreme neoliberalnog kapitalizma (Becoming a Mother in Neoliberal Capitalism, Uzbuna, Belgrade, 2013; 2nd ed., 2016) and Radical Housing: Art, Struggle, Care (Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam, 2021) and co-edited the books Na ruševinama kreativnog grada (On the Ruins of Creative City,, Novi Sad, 2012) and Fragments for Studies on Art Organisations, vol. 1 (, Novi Sad, 2021).

She is a member of the Radical Housing Journal Editorial Collective and the editorial team of Interface: a Journal for and about Social Movements for Central and Eastern Europe. (2022)