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Born 1925 in Vyškov na Moravě, CZ. Composer. Composition Pinos studied at first privately, then at the Brno Conservatory and in 1949-53 at Janacek Academy. Since 1953 he has been teaching music theory and, since 1965, composition at the Academy mentioned. He repeatedly participated in courses in Darmstadt (with P.Boulez, B.Maderna, K. Stockhausen), in courses of electronic music in Munich (with M.Kagel and J.A.Riedel) and in courses of French concrete music in Prague (with P.Schaeffer, F.Bayle and G. Reibel) etc. with a conscious aim in mind he began since the late fifties to apply his own compositional methods and poetics, and undertake theoretical research into music. Soon he had managed to create his own compositional system and he became one of the most distinctive and assertive composers of the generation rising at the beginning of the sixties. To electroacoustic music he has dedicated since 1964 as one of the first Czech composers. In 1984 – 1994 Pinos was a permanent lecturer at the Darmstadt International Summer Courses for New Music and in 80s and 90s he worked out many radio programmes for Westdeutscher Rundfunk Köln. In 1969 – 1989 Pinos was among those Czech composers, whose work was banned by the Communist regime in Czechoslovakia most strictly. He was involved in the formation of Creative Group 'A', the New Music Orchestra “Author’s Studio”, association “Camerata Brno”, Society for Electroacoustic Music and also in organising festivals (Exposition of Experimental Music, Exposition of New Music). He is also a member of “Atelier ’90”, “Umelecka Beseda Prague“, of Czech section of ISCM and of artistic association “Q”.

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