Third Text

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Third Text is a bimonthly international scholarly journal on art in global context. After founder and editor Rasheed Araeen's earlier art magazine Black Phoenix, started in 1978, published only three issues, it was relaunched as a theoretical art journal in 1987. Since then, it has set out to challenge the West's position as the ultimate influence within arts and culture. Under the editorship of London-based artist and cultural theorist Rasheed Araeen, Third Text challenges the boundaries of the visual arts and the confines of the Western academy, featuring leading critics alongside new voices and advanced scholarship interspersed with radical interdisciplinary work that goes beyond the confines of eurocentricity. Published in London, but designed to raise the critical temperature and the political stakes for art and cultural practice in the age of globalization, its regional focuses give voice to writers and artists outside the Western academic canon. In this respect the journal has played an important role not only in liberating already colonized discourses but also in prompting the coloniser to "decolonise his/her mind", as the editors put it. (2009)