Tereza Stejskalová

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Tereza Stejskalová (1981) is a curator and researcher based in Prague. She is the director of tranzit.cz and a co-founder of the Biennale Matter of Art. During 2018-2022 she worked as a researcher and lecturer at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. In 2017, she initiated Feminist Art Institution, a coalition of cultural institutions in the Czech Republic and Slovakia around a code of praxis. She collaborated on many exhibitions and projects all around Europe. She publishes texts in academic and non-academic journals and is an editor of several publications. (2023)

  • editor, with Vasyl Cherepanyn and Vít Havránek, The Kyiv International: '68 Now, Kyiv: Visual Culture Research Center, Prague: tranzit.cz, and Berlin: Archive Books, 2019, 165 pp. [1] (English)
  • Smrt umělce. Ať žijí pomocnice!, Prague: tranzit.cz, 2023, 64 pp. Publisher. (Czech)