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Radio Jelení was an open audiovisual streaming project running since 2000 until June 2004 in Prague.

Radio Jelení was a communication tool and environment for independent, interdisciplinary practice ranging from installation, sound works, performance, documentary, educational programs, dance, sound and video composition or real-time manipulation. Techniques and effects of live data broadcasting and transmission provided theme, medium, and performative space for some of the projects. Radio Jeleni was interlinked to local and international network of initiatives. It was established in 2000 as a parallel program of international project under the framework of mediaartlab of the Center for Contemporary Art in Prague. Since 2004 it operated independently from any official structure.

Radio Jeleni was developed through cooperation with the Center for Advanced Media-Prague (Sava Tatic, Jiři Jiráček and Micz Flor), and maintained and supported by artists and journalists, among others: Jan Dufek, Miloš Vojtěchovský, Michal Klodner, Martin Vlček, Pavel Stibor, Derek Holzer, Jennifer Helia DeFelice and Dana Recmanová.